The Products of "ZTMC" Ltd. Got Confession At The European Market

Products of "The Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine", included in titanic business of Group DF, got confession of consumer with high international authority and excellent reputation - to the Italian company Tifast.

"ZTMC" Ltd. has a quality of EN 9100 certificate, that, accordingly, high quality confirms producible the enterprise of the titanic sponge and bars, applied in aviation and space industry. It was confirmed by the Italian company Tifast. "ZTMC" one of suppliers of products for Tifast.

The company Tifast, founded in 2006, is specialized on the production of the titanic bars and long-length wares, used in industry, in particular in aerospace and biomedical industry. A company Tifast disposes the fully integrated production capacities, including smelter shop and rental shops. Sparing the special attention to quality of products, the Italian company Tifast organized and activated the system qualities, to satisfy requirements to the international standards of quality and management standards quality. Presently Tifast has a certificate of UNI EN ISO 9001.

A company Tifast cooperates with a number of companies working in medical and aerospace industry. Permanent research-and-developments, rapid and continuous production control assists high technical development of company that is able to support clients in area of development of new suggestions. Presently TiFast is able to satisfy all requests for an industrial market, watching out for quality, price strategy, rapid and effective help of the clients.

– The event of year for our combine the successful passing of certification audit of the system of management of quality became on an aerospace standard – EN 9100:2009, thus we executed a main requirement, to enter the pool of combine that is admitted to realization to it products to the largest world consumers. Now actively we try to occupy this niche. In particular, we develop a collaboration with Italian by a company Tifast, – the director of "ZTMC" Ltd. Vladimir Sivak commented. – Collaboration with the company of such level allows to fix positions of "ZTMC" Ltd. at the European market and declare oneself, as a supplier of titanic products of high competitive quality.