"Woman. Spring. Love": VI The Competition Of Artistic Independent Action Presented All Sea Of Gladness And Positive Impressions!

VI the competition of artistic independent action of ZTMC came to an end a concert "Woman. Spring. Love", that traditionally became a remarkable gift to all workers of our combine to the favourite holiday - International woman day. An event collected the real full house in the concerto hall of House of public organizations. And amateur artists - workers of ZTMC and guests of concert are prepared to the women great number of performances. Artists musical, dancing and original genres tried on glory! In all the about thirty best performers took part in a concert.

A main engineer Vladimir Кorolkov congratulated spectatresses on behalf of all men - workers of combine, including from a director Vladimir Sivak and from itself personally. And, after warm welcoming words concert 2016 year was open!

Songs, verses, humorous works and instrumental music, dancing and acrobatic numbers, were given women. As usual, by the voices of audience vocalists - repeated participants of creative competitions made happy. In their number workers of shop №7 is Oksana Kursk and electrician Vladislav Pohilov, electric and gas welder of shop №10 Alexander Usenko, laboratory assistant of shop №17 Natalia Sinko, worker engage in planting trees and shrubs of shop №19 Irene Truxalo, an engineer on organization and setting of norms of labour is an economist of security service Victoria Fedorova, engineer of shop №9 Aleksej Safonov, nurse practitioner of preventive sanatorium-clinic Fajle Chirva, senior storekeeper of economy ware-house Anna Leonova. Not worse they were sung by the new stars of the stage of ZTMC is a locksmith of shop №10 Sergey Kulik, fitter of way of management of transport Alexander Gromakovskij, guard of security service Inna Glova, practice of shop №67 Kira Antonuk, master of Zaporozhye higher industrially polytechnic school Sergey Makarov. Well got along at a vocal, and also playing the guitar guard of security service Evgeny Sobko and manager of management of sale Dmitry Braginets.

There was electronic music. An experience artist of combine presented this direction an audience is an engineer power engineering specialist of shop №11 Ruslan Sulin, not only playing on an electric guitar but also carrying out composition in English language. And machinist of faucet of shop №10 Svetlana Tjabina sang a song under living music of accordion. Locksmith of shop №2 Nikolay Ushkevich masterly played on a pan-pipe and read the poem sanctified to the mother.

Remarkable authorial verses also presented to the women operator of boiler room of shop №12 Тatjana Raznosilina, correspondent of release of newspaper Cyril Belij. The witty couplet of own composition sounded from the electricians of shop №7 Alexandra Romashova and Aleksej Diduka, an amusing fairy-tale was told to the present person by the panman of shop №20 Sergey Smolarov. Surprised the bright dancing numbers of woker of shop №7 Catherine Shikidenko, leading economist of management of sale Olga Sahno and joiner of shop №23 Vitaly Таranenko. A waltz in execution inspector of department of technical control Тatjana Didik and her partner was a debut on ZTMC, he left many pleasant impressions. Wonders of flexibility again showed an acrobatic duet "Strong and beauty", in that the locksmith-repairer of shop №10 Vladimir Nesterenko came forward, an audience.

And, certainly, what romanticism without classic music of Peter Tchaikovsky! "Dance of little swans" from ballet the "Swan lake" in execution the quintet of wind wooden instruments of Zaporizhzhya musical school of the name of Platona Majborodi (leader of collective is Grigory Кostrinskij) too got tumultuary applauses. In composition of this ensemble come forward daughter of editor responsible Natalija Zvorigina is Аlexsandra.

And, it is time rewarding of participants of competition. For this purpose on the stage Vladimir Кorolkov, chairman of trade-union committee of combine Ludmila Logvinova and deputy of director, went out on a management by a personnel and to social development of Ludmila Vasilega, that handed to the amateur artists of deed of ZTMC and encouraging bonuses. The third place was got by such performers: Fajle Chirva, Alexander Usenko, Sergey Smolarov, Alexander Romashov and Aleksej Diduk. Second - Svetlana Тjabina, Vladislaw Pohilov, Olga Sahno, Catherine Shikidenko and Nikolay Ushkevich. And the first place appeared in the hands of the best performers of dancing, musical and original direction - Vladimir Nesterenko, Inna Glovi and Cyril Belij. Other performers became the laureates of competition.

Also by deeds and money bonuses were marked chief of bureau of department of planning and budgeting Catherine Golemba together with master of shop №12 by Yegor Burja, that executed the roles of anchorwomen perfectly. The same encouragement was got by sound producer of competition is an electrician of shop №7 Grigoriy Gurtovoj.

A concert pleased to all audience, including military 9th regiment of the operative setting of the National household troops of Ukraine, being in a hall. We will remind that ZTMC constantly supports contacts with this military subdivision, helping the defenders of our state.