"Miss Of ZTMC - 2016": Seven Beautiful Women On The large Stage

A like event our combine conducted first. Seven bravest, beautiful, charming and charming girls went out on the large stage of recreation Centre "Plant", to show the grace, artistry, shared out with by an audience by the heartfelt values.

These remarkable workwomen of ZTMC it was been worker of shop №7 Oksana Kurskih, a timekeeper is an inspector on the shots of shop №17 Аlexandra Chuprina, secretary-typist of shop №16 Catherina Petrenko, economist of department of planning and budgeting Victoria Pogorelova, engineer of department of organization of labour and salary Maria Кrivosheina, engineer of department of capital building Elena Skripka and timekeeper of department of technical control Catherina Таranenko. For them the organizers of holiday of beauty and talents prepared five competitions, such as a "visiting-card", "General choreography", "Defile - The Lady in Red", "Dialogue about main" and "Star instant".

To the word, while girls prepared to show a next number, an audience did not miss too, taking part in drawing of prizes. And an additional colour to the show was added by the performances of representatives of artistic independent action and creative collectives of Recreation Centre "Zavodskij".

During the first competition named "visiting-card", an audience heard out all participants attentively. Each of them talked about the values and vital aims, many-sided nature of the interests and looks showed. Also this was wonderful possibility to welcome the colleagues from the stage and publicly to thank them for support, what and some participants of competition availed. Yes, here such girls work for us on a combine: not only attractive but also able, all-round, sociable, generous the soul is part from these qualities they and showed during an event. Girls were accompanied from the stage by applauses.

The second competition under the name the "General choreography" on a few minutes dipped a hall in the charming world of dance. A curtain was opened, and all seven participants appeared before the eyes of public. Each looked originally in the character: hair-dos and clothing remained at discretion of girls, at the same time, they needed to maintain a synchronicity in motions, to execute them under the rhythm of music. In spite of the fact that not all participants of competition have an experience performances of similar family, they licked a problem perfectly!

Brightly and colourfully looked our young workwomen in a competition "Defile - The Lady in Red". The black tone set by a previous competition was suddenly replaced on red. Participants on complete showed the slenderness, graceful gait, beauty of looks and gestures. Decisive, smiling, repose in itself - what conclusion can be done here, looking on our beautiful women.

And then the turn of two last competitions came - "Dialogue about main" and "Star instant". The participants of competition, by turns changing each other, answered the questions of anchorwomen and presented own musical and dancing compositions. Fully to disembogue in character of vaudeville star uneasily, but also this task appeared it is in strength to our girls. Every intention was original and was successfully incarnated on the stage. Characters of woman are Ukrainians, mothers, wives, friends incarnate dependency upon the general mood of song in national, deeply philosophical or humorous style, - left nobody to indifferent.

And it is time to count up the sum of points for every competition and announce victresses in different nominations. Judge chaired by the deputy of director on a management by a personnel and heavy work coming social development of Ludmila Vasilega and chairman of trade-union committee of combine Ludmila Logvinova, in fact they had to estimate capabilities not only own participants of competition, as on "Miss of Zavodchanka", and all girls. And each deserved that, to become the best. In the total Ludmila Vasilega and Ludmila Logvinova together with - director by technical Igor Sizikov, leader of youth organization OJCS "Zaporizstal" - by the chairman of regional Soviet of labour young people by Sergey Ilchenko, leader of projects of department of organization of labour and salary - by the member of regional Soviet of labour young people by Roman Golovin and director Recreation centre "Zavodskij" Alla Kremez announced a final result. We will mark that losers were not - all girls got a good mood from participation, flowers, gifts and, certainly, the honoured titles. So, Elena Skripka was confessed by "Misses by Grace", Аlexandra Chuprina became "Miss Charm", and Viktoria Pogorelova appeared to "Miss Artistry". The active command of fans came to support Oksana Kurskih, therefore the title of "Misses Audience was solemnly appropriated her liking". And farther the turn of exit of candidates came on the highest ranks. After small intrigue of ribbon of prizewinners of competition laid on the shoulders of the Second Vice-miss - Catherina Тaranenko and the First Vice-miss - Catherina Petrenko. And Maria Krivosheina became the real star of competition. Besides the prizes handed to other participants of competition, she is a recipient of an award valuable gifts from a combine "Zaporozstal".

The first competition "Miss of ZTMC" went out on glory and left the great number of the pleasant impressions for an audience. In spite of the fact that in a hall places were enough not for all, fans are colleagues on work, near and friends, - remained on this show to the end. The employees of those subdivisions that tried especially well prepared bright placards with the words of support. Exactly your wishes gave a confidence to the participants and approached them yet on one step nearer to the cherished title.