"Orbita-ZTMC-ZNU" Tore Up Victory For a Fivefold Absolute Champion

On scores the second turn of the final stage of Championship of Ukraine, that passed on April, 15-17 in Zaporozhye, "Оrbita-ZTMC-ZNU", winning for the fivefold champion of Ukraine are commands "Chemist", confidently gained a foothold on the second position in a tournament table.

On scores the second final turn "Оrbita-ZTMC-ZNU" gained a foothold on the second place of tournament table, for her 14 points. "Chemist" leads in championship still, but he ahead of our command only on one point. Considerably greater break between the second and third position of tournament table : after the Zaporozhye command "Severodonchanka" follows in rating, at that nine points. And "Galichanka-Tneu-Viknarev" has only four points in the asset.

The third turn of the final stage passed in city South to the Odesa area from 22 to April, 24. Specialists forecast, that the command of Igor Filishtinskij have all chances to break forth in the leaders of tournament table. We will save intrigue and will tell to our readers about the scores of duels of "Оrbita-ZTMC-ZNU" with commands "Severodonchanka", "Chemist" of "Galichanka-TNEU-Viknarev" in the next producing of "Announcer of Combine".