Veterans Do Not Get Older By The Soul

Veteran organization of ZTMC marked the 71th anniversary of Victory over nazism in II to World war.

This event was organized by joint efforts administration, trade-union committee of combine and Advice of veterans. On kind tradition of former workers of our enterprise "Titan" met Recreation Centre. With this Palace cultures veterans link the best years of the life - in fact exactly they built him, and then occupied there in dancing, vocal, choral and other collectives. Usually exactly all events of cultural life of combine, in that they were active participants, passed here.

Meeting of the workers gone on the deserved rest always pass in a warm friendly atmosphere. Coming holiday of May, 9 - it one of occasions to gather a collective, to remember about the former colleagues, associate on different themes, exchange opinions.

Unfortunately, all less veterans - winners it is come to mark this day. Very much participants of battle actions of II World went away from life, other can not visit this event on the state a health. In a present year only a few holders of an order decorated a concert the presence.

A main engineer Vladimir Кorolkov, trade-union leader of ZTMC Ludmila Logvinova, chairman of Advice of veterans of combine of Eleanor Мuraveva, participants of battle actions, said many warm words veterans are warriors-internationalists Anatoliy Shipko and Nikolaj Miz.

Congratulatory speeches alternated with musical, vocal and dancing numbers. Every artist in the performance lifted the theme of threatening soldiery years. As usual, well the power engineering engineer-specialist of shop №11 played on a guitar Ruslan Sulin, a wonderful song was presented to public by the engineer-technologist of shop №9 Aleksej Safonov. A performance decorated an evening vocal and dancing collectives of Recreation Centre "Titan". And veterans accepted active voice in a concert. The dancing program was opened by the participants of the Zaporozhye project "Ball of veterans" are former workers of combine Ivan Mislives and Zoja Lapshina. Ludmila Chekushina read before public a new authorial poem about war on Donbas, sanctified to Ukrainian to the servicemen - defenders of the Donetsk airport. Pensioners participated in the competition of song of soldiery years under accompaniment of accordion (in particular, wonderful voices of councillor went down in memory - organizer of work with the veterans of shop №7 Svetlana Тumentseva and volunteer Emma Chemeris). And yet our former workers danced waltzes. And, as usual, for them festive dinner that was prepared by the employees of service of organization of feed was organized.

In addition, to the day of Victory 50 participants of battle actions got cash disbursement, and from 10 to May, 27 52 pensioners ZTMC, being in an account in Advice of veterans, rested in the preventive clinic of combine.