Rested Perfectly!

The former workers of ZTMC abandon positive reviews about rest in the preventive sanatorium-clinic of combine during veteran arrival.

The medical staff of preventive clinic behaves to us with the friendly caring, - a veteran Anatoliy Shipko talks. - Between you and me and by the collective of health-resort complete mutual understanding. Administration worries about other holiday-makers, if they stay too long on the businesses and does not have time on a supper; train nurse every evening do a round, ask about our feel, measure pressure of blood. Our chairman Eleanor Мuraveva every day rings on mobile, takes interest, as we have a rest. Pleasantly, that such attention is spared us. To quality of feed and terms of residence of remarks it is not. We are satisfied, that a combine has the "shangri-la", where all workers can valuably rest and accumulate forces.

In spite of the fact that rains fell often, veterans had time to get pleasure from intermingling with nature: walks on the outskirts of preventive clinic, watching the little youngs of wild animal, that inhabit Khortytsia. There is a lucky enough them to see squirrel and hare, they heard the wonderful singing of birds, admired on rocky banks and flow of Dnepr waters. All pensioners came home in heartfelt cheerfulness and with a good mood.

Veterans thank administration and trade-union committee of combine for possibility to be revitalized in the preventive clinics of ZTMC and hope to return there again.