Our City - It WE!

Young people ZTMC went out on cleaning up in a public garden near an area Zaporozhye.

In an ecological action workers of combine are 15 young activists of shops №№ 7,9,10,11,12,14,16,17,23 and departments - PDD, DOTC and others participated together with the representatives of "Zaporozstal", "Zaporozogneupor", "Zaporozkoks", "Dneprospetstal" and other industrial enterprises, and also by the students of institutions of higher learning, lyceums and colleges, by the representatives of public organizations. The habitants of next doors joined to them. In all over 400 persons, armed with rakes and shovels, undertook to set in an order in a sign for all Zaporozhian cossacks place - comfortable green public garden above Dnepr.

This youth ecological action was sanctified to Day of environment. It was come forward organizers Department of education and science, young people and sport of town council together with a town youth council at support of the Zaporizhzhya town council. A large help in organization and realization of cleaning up was rendered by a metallurgical combine "Zaporozstal".

In a public garden a last year's foliage did not clean up a few years. Therefore machines with trailers only had time to take out her. In general, for a few hours the green belt of public garden was cleaned and put in an order. Here also conducted trimming of trees, painting of benches and urns - did a comfortable green public garden above Dnepr.

- We worked gloriously, - the counsel of youth motion - leading engineer Aleksej Pirojenko comments an event. - And at the same time attained another, to my mind, very important result: we succeeded to engage young people in work on aiming of cleanness and order in Zaporozhye, to promote their social activity. A young worker to a full degree realize the responsibility for a home town and bring in the small contribution in his equipping with modern amenities.