Commanders Praised Victora Veselskogo And Vladimira Karxacheva

Addressed to the director of "ZTMC" Ltd. Vladimira Sivaka thanks you letter came from the commanders of military subdivisions in that serve and our comrades served.

In particular, the chief of 184th educational center of National Academy of Ground Forces, colonel Alexander Оstapchuk, marked that a non-commission officer Victor Veselskij today had become the perfectly prepared military specialist of high qualification with very rare speciality instructor cynologist. His service is related to preparation of dogs for military secret service and mine-searching services, in what Victor attained high scores.

"Dear Vladimir Victorovich! you and Your collective can be proud of, that brought up such specialist, as achievements of such patriot of the Motherland are highly valued up-front", - colonel Оstapchuk wrote in the thank you letter.

The chief of department of frontier service of "Genichesk", major Pavel Simchuk, gave a high estimation the worker of combine, senior lieutenant of Government frontier service of Ukraine to Vladimir Karxachev. An outpost is on a border with the temporally occupied territory ARE Crimea.

"Senior lieutenant Кarxachev by the discipline, responsible attitude toward the course of duty, permanent aspiring to development and self-perfection, toward fraternity of border warriors-guards glorifies honour of defender of Motherland the realized attitude, justifies a trust and hope of all people of Ukraine", a major Simchuk underlined in the letter.

Such wonderful responses about our colleagues from their comrades on service and commanders brought large gladness and pride to our collective. We wish to you, guys, health and prosperity. Let somewhat quicker the world will establish on our earth.