Presented a Spring Mood To The Men of Special Troops

Amateur artists of combine are a fitter of way of management of transport Alexandr Gromakovskij, power engineering engineer-specialist of shop №11 Ruslan Sulin, engineer, on organization and setting of norms of labour is an economist of security service Victoria Fedorova, laboratory assistant of shop №17 Natalia Sinko, locksmith of shop №10 Sergey Кulik, locksmith-repairer of shop №10 Vladimir Nesterenko and his girl Victoria in composition an acrobatic duet "Strong and beauty" took part in a concert "Spring. Love. Smile". Together with the workers of combine master of Zaporozhye higher industrially-polytechnic school Sergey Маkarov and representatives of art-studio came forward the "Black panther". And the anchorwoman of this show was chief of bureau of department of planning and budgeting Catherina Golemba. A concert took place in the club of 9th regiment of the operative setting of the National household troops of Ukraine. We will remind that our combine renders a feasible help already a long ago to this military subdivision. This very day the young people of combine passed for the defenders of our state the humanitarian help collected by forces of workers of ZTMC.

Vocalists sang for soldiery heartfelt songs about love to the motherland and girl, about the call of duty and military friendship, about happiness and world. Except popular works, sounded and one authorial, that is special the worker of combine Sergey Кulik wrote for this concert. Interestingly and circus numbers looked originally. Servicemen estimated wonders of flexibility of acrobatic duet "Strong and beauty", that is already known to the workers of our enterprise, and also to them a witty clownery presented a smile in execution the leader of аrt-stuio the "Black panther", artist of circus Igor Gubanova. Together with the leader Valentina Pozdnakova and Andrey Кrasikov, also preparing an acrobatic performance, tried well. Another representative of аrt-studio - Diana Gubanova showed the talent in a number with hoops. All artists were accompanied from the stage by tumultuary applauses.

The participants of concert truly shared the emotions and sincere positive with guys in a form. Let it give them to the confidence in the forces and love to the motherland!