1956: There Is The First Block Of Titanium Spongy!

A momentous date expensive for all workers of combine came on June, 29. It is an anniversary, sixtieth birthday of Zaporozhye titan. On this event of workers of combine administration and trade-union committee, congratulate shop №7.

In 1956 the Dnepr titanium and magnesium plant first in the USSR of beginning industrial producing of this metal. About the production of titanic sponge on the base of the Dnepr magnesium plant was made decision in March, 1954. Building of productive shops developed in 1955. And on June, 29, 1956 a country gets the first home industrial titan.

That is describes this glad event one of authors of book "Way to titan" Fedor Кozlovskij :

on June, "28 on the third group of stoves, that is served by the panmen of Ruthinov, Shpak and Borisovets, began the process of separation - cleaning of spongy titan. He lasted 28 hours. And although nothing outwardly showy, spectacle, memorizable for eyes it was not, as a process of separation, as well as majority, other, passes in closed steel retorts at a deep vacuum, - ten of people with unremitting attention watched after that, and more precisely, listened to that was created after the thick metallic walls of enigmatic vehicles.

And on the command of shop №3 Sergey Sergienko a faucet slowly extracted a burning hot to redness steel retort with a titanic sponge from the narrow well of electric furnace and in solemn silense slowly bore her above a quieting down shop.

There is the first block of titanium spongy!

Thus, a country got Zaporozhye titan. Herein there was an enormous merit of all collective of workers, engineers, technical workers, managers".

Now areas of former shop №3, this historical event happened in that, enter in the complement of shop №7. On his stable and productive work welfare of all labour collective of combine depends straight. The relay race of generations of was deservingly adopted shop foreman Mikhail Маrchenko, him deputies Anatoliy Маslennikov and Andrey Оverchenko, master Anatoliy Razinkov, chief of heat-resistant area Igor Lucenko, smelter Anatoliy Ivanov, master of furnace Vladimir Аntonenko, electrician Sergey Резанов, gas weldor Sergey Solovev, locksmith on control and measuring devices and to automation of Raisa Porochna and many other. It is people that on long years threw in the lot with a тtitanium and magnesium production. The inculcated technical decisions of Valery Murashov, Konstantin Feofanov, Igor Sashevskij until now are used in technology of producing of products of combine. In a shop №7 pass from a generation in a generation glorious experience of able tutors - deserved metallurgists of Ukraine of Victor Zarochencev and Anatoliy Iluchin. For workers straight throwing in the lot with titan and magnesium, advices of veterans of shop are still valuable - Anatoliy Egorov, Alexander kvashnin and other talented specialists. Many of these former production workers visited a combine to his 80-years-old anniversary. On results the visit they gave a high estimation to technical and technological transformations on an enterprise.

And again about the achievements of labour collective that today brings glory to Zaporozhye titan. At the beginning of February present year a combine got from the public accountants of well-known certifying company Bureau Veritas certificate of accordance of the system of management of quality of ZTMC to the international standards of ISO 9001 and EN 9100 for aerospace industry in the field of development and production of titanic sponge, and also titanic bars. It opened possibility of expansion of market of sale before a combine. So, our enterprise got a right to supply with a titanic sponge to the largest Chinese producer to the aerospace products - company BAOTi. According to the director of combine Vladimir Sivak, titanium spongy, producible on ZTMC, fully answers the standards of this company and can be used without limitations in the production of goods of any application, including an aerospace production. Also "ZTMC" Ltd.is one of suppliers of products for the Italian company Tifast. This consumer is specialized on the production of the titanic bars and long-length wares, used in industry, in particular, in aerospace and biomedical industry.

In honour a holiday in a shop №7 rewarding of the best workers passed. Details - in the next producing. We wish to the labour collective of combine to support and improve the brand of quality of Zaporozhye titan, and also successes with mastering of new markets of this perspective production distribution.