Another Victory!

The workers of combine gained the lead in a tournament on volley-ball that passed on the base of Zaporozhye higher industrial polytechnic school. These competitions passed "Enterprise - Professional technical educational establishment" within the framework of social partnership.

In games from our combine took part machinist of compressor options of shop №7 Sergey Меlnik, workers of shop №11 is a chief of group Aleksej Shramko and elctric locksmith Yuriy Borishpolets, master of shop №12 Yegor Boring, locksmith of management of transport Evgeny Chernikov, roofer of shop №23 Konstantin Кuchaj, economist of department of planning and budgeting Victoria Pogorelova and sportsman-instructor of sport club Andrey Lubin. They competed with the owners of ground and by students the Zaporozhye professional metallurgical lyceum. A that command that won two sets became a winner in every match.

The combined team of combine dry-sand won in two matches of the rivals, and the students of lyceum prevailed above students schools with an account 2 : 1. In the total places were distributed so:

Zaporozhye higher industrial-polytechnic school is the third place;

The Zaporozhye professional metallurgical lyceum is the second place;

The Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine is the first place.

On completion of competitions the participants of volley-ball battles were the recipients of an award deeds and souvenir products from our combine. A sport club ZTMC thanks all guys for participating in a tournament.