A shop № 14 – 60 years!

On this case collection of labour collective passed in a shop.

According to a book "Country of titans", the shop of STACKS and automation was begun with a laboratory that took place in the boiler room of combine. In August, 1956 specialists on repair and maintenance of control and measuring devices moved in building of central chemical laboratory. With the increase of volume of executable works three groups were organized: assembling, operating and instrumentation. A new corps in that a shop №14 took place was built in June, 1962 - he was led by Ilya Ushkats.

Without the quality metrology providing of all subdivisions of combine it would be difficult to talk about quality of the produced products. The productive program of shop is this implementation of works on technical service, permanent and capital repair of facilities of measuring technique and automation, to editing and adjusting of the new checking and management systems by technological processes, to repair and making of awaiting-parts to the devices, fault detection and dosimetric control of technological equipment, to development and making of facilities of mechanization.