Magic Vacations Are In "Zvezdnij": Transformations Begin

The comfortable bus of "Volvo" with the kid of workers of our combine onboard rode into under the canopy of the virgin forest. Here, not far away from a village Оlshanka, on a picturesque river Psel, in an environmentally clean zone, in 20 kilometres from a city Sumy, that in the center of Slobozhanschyna, child's health camp "Star" "Sumychimprom" cordially met our children arriving on the first changing.

Leaders that exactly will not give to feel miserable looked forward to at the main gate of every child. Every changing is whole life, and promises to be saturated by the most different interesting events. Surprisingly, how many bright and positive moments can happen for such short space!

Mixed forest, transparent small river with lilies and water-lilys, sandy beach, meadows with a grass, that fill with air healthful aromas, create an unique landscape for rest and making healthy. Territory of camp in 14 hectares all is covered by a green carpet from various plants.

Our children it was offered to settle in two-storeyed comfortable corps, in rooms on 4-5 persons. Every floor is equipped by two sanitary engineering knots, shower-bath/pls, rooms of hygiene, washstands, washings foot with the twenty-four-hour serve of hot water. For engaging in enthralling businesses a kid fell in love going to the comfortable hall with the upholstered furniture and necessary domestic technique.

The “Zvezdnij" offers interesting and various rest. Experience teachers, that conduct the interesting competitive programs, concerts, entertaining shows and holidays, games every day, work with children. In the first day on arrival in a camp a kid was dipped with a head in merriment of the show-program that was prepared for guys by leaders. In the concerto hall of camp they inspiredly echoed and danced together with local amateur artists.

To recover forces and a morning gymnastics, sport games and competitions, will help to purchase a good physical form. In a camp equipped ground for basket-ball and volley-ball, football field, place for engaging in table tennis. Will very please to the guys, leaders, walking tours, rest, promise on nature, bathing in the river. Also to services of kid concerto hall, library, playing complexes. Guys were already interested by employments in a local shooting-gallery. At drafting of the program of making healthy and rest the wishes of children are first of all taken into account.

Caring about our children in "Zvezdnij" entrusted to an experience pedagogical collective. Here every child will be able to become a main acting person on holidays the "Merry fair", "Ivana Bathed", "Island of treasures", to get pleasure and rewards. Each evening a camp in full strength gathers on a fire ground, to cheer for artists, to sing songs, dance.

Everybody here will find to itself favourite business, occupying in the mugs of soft toy, origami,chess-sword, artistic independent action, child's press-centre, film radio-studio.

By inalienable part of making healthy and rest in the "Zvezdnij" is the correctly balanced, valuable, high-calorific, saturated by vitamins feed five one time per a day. In the daily ration of children there are fresh fruit, natural juices, various sweetnesses, baking.

Our children are important temporally to move away from family, to get the new bright impressions, new experience, lead new friends. It appears, actually needed not too much in order that children made friends: TCS, "sense of elbow", support, trust, marching romanticism. And already at the end of changing the teenagers it seems to that they it is simple to live without each other does not can. Life in a camp is a good chance to visit OTHER : to try that in family, school, in a court did not turn out. Useful is to change a lifestyle, fully commuted, a bit to grow up, accumulate the new impressions, that all of it lasted the whole year to the next changing in "Zvezdnij".

As not it was difficult, but administration and trade-union committee of ZTMC found possibility this year to organize summer rest for our kid in an environmentally clean zone, - the chairman of trade-union committee Ljudmila Logvinova talks. - to Take out children on rest and making healthy from the gassed city today can take the liberty of not every family. But it is extremely important to provide to the kid out of term valuable rehabilitation. It was therefore made decision to give to the workers of combine possibility to revitalize the children on favourable tours. The basic financial loading a combine undertook. I wish to our guys of pleasant memorizable bright rest, new acquaintances, victories and achievements.