In The International Day Of Defence Of Children The Best - To Our Kid!

Administration and trade-union committee of combine, as well as last year, invited the children of workers, to acquaint them closer with our combine and his history.

At the beginning of excursion chairman of trade-union committee of ZTMC Ljudmila Logvinova hospitably met guys, their parents, wished to all interesting excursion and pleasant leisure. Guys at once were moved to the first waypoint - historical productive museum. Here his hostess is a specialist of human department of resources and training of personnels Elena Shostak accessible and cognitive told to the boys and girls about basic events from life Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine - from his becoming as Dnepr magnesium plant in 1935 to the near past. Guys examined the portraits of directors and Heroes of Social labour, full-dress uniforms of Heroes of Soviet Union, standards of products, layouts of equipment with interest. The hall of souvenirs, the gifts, got our combine to the anniversaries, Days of metallurgist and other momentous events are proposed in that, very pleased guys. Little sightseers took part in a quiz on results that most attentive listener took bun.

Farther the way of guests of combine lay through the avenue of labour dynasties to the informative board "Clock", on that is indicated coordinates of ZTMC. On a granit table at the beginning of avenue children with interest searched and found the last names of the parents. They accomplished for itself the little opening - knew, how many years their labour dynasties work on a combine.

Large interest for guys colourful photos caused under a sentinel board - in fact on them prominent events that passed on a combine in the second half the last year are imprinted.

Boys and girls saw that for this period happened in productive, youth, sport and cultural life of our combine. Elena Shostack told to the guys, that to the day of metallurgist these photos will be substituted by other, representing events of current half-year.

Next sight of plant territory of combine was a monument to the workers, falling in the years of Second world war. His layout children already saw in a museum, now this memorial appeared before them as large as life. There, in a museum, guys saw the last names of workers Dnepr Magnesium Plant, militating against nazis and lost in sanguinary fights. And guys knew yet, that annually to the day of Victory and to Day of liberation of Zaporozhye representatives of administration, trade-union committee of combine, labour collectives of shops participate in meeting-requiem and lay flowers to this memorial.

At the end of central avenue little guests paid attention to Board of honour combine, on that twice in a year bring the portraits of the twenty best workers. When guys studied the photos of people that our combine is proud of, Elena Shostak reported that to the day of metallurgist this display will purchase a new kind, and, maybe, here already were or the photos of their mothers or dads will be placed some time.

As explained to the children, to be on Board of honour is not only large honour but also high responsibility. In fact the people represented on pictures give a positive example to other workers. The portraits of activists of productive and public life appear here - highly skilled, disciplined and not indifferent to the fate of ZTMC of employees.

A few minutes of boy and girl were conducted in building of clock-house of combine. They saw the industrial ground of our сombine, hidden from extraneous eyes by a high protection, from afar. And yet saw the inspectors of admission markpoint through that their parents head for the workplaces.

An excursion came to an end by a sweet table in the dining-room of service of organization of feed. Cooks and pastry cooks prepared the magnificent treating to the little guests is delicious jelly and cakes, decomposed on tables a fresh strawberry in small baskets, bars of chocolate and candies, nourishing juices. Guys thoroughly supported the forces for new merry adventures!

Spent time on the Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine, for children flew unnoticed. Before the new meeting, our little friends!