The Workers Of Combine Support An Appeal Against Predatory Tariffs

The Zaporozhye regional soviet of trade unions takes part in a national action on collection of signatures under an appeal in Cabinet of ministers about the revision of unreal prices on gas and heating, that was initiated by Federation of trade unions of Ukraine. The regional soviet of trade unions tented near the administrative building, where everybody can leave the signature, if he is not arranged by new tariffs.

- the first stage of action came to an end Now. Signatures collected also on workplaces in budgetary organizations, on enterprises, - the chief of department talks socially economic defence of worker regional soviet of trade unions of Таmara Beleskova. - Only for a few hours in our tent the signatures left more than 250-s persons did. Position of trade unions is such - it is first necessary to promote salaries, pensions, after to conduct the parliamentary listening concerning raising of price on gas, to conduct a social dialogue with society, tell why such high cost of gas. We estimate the folded situation as critical - unemployment grows in a country, a debt on a salary makes 63 million hrv.

An appeal against predatory tariffs the workers of our combine signed straight on a production. Signatures were collected by the chairmen of shop committees.

A government declared about the increase of tariffs in the round of trade unions. How will a population pay these tariffs?! - the chairman of trade-union committee Ludmila Logvinova talks. - Subsidy is perceived many as a handout, and to get her unsimply. After the first stage of action a worker did not get clear answers. Therefore Advice of Federation of trade unions of Ukraine made decision to conduct on July, 6 in Kyiv allukrainian preventive action of protest.