The Workers Of Combine Congratulated The Front-Rank Workers

The solemn event sanctified to Day of metallurgist took place in the assembly hall of House of public organizations of ZTMC. The workers of combine the honoured guests came to congratulate is a chairman of the Zaporozhye regional soviet Grigory Samardak, regulating businesses of executive committee of the Zaporozhye town council Roman Omelianovich, chairman of district administration of the Zaporozhye town council on the Plant district Andrey Baev, vice-chairman and miners of the Zaporozhye regional committee of trade union of metallurgists Yuriy Shapchits, adviser of chairman of the Zaporozhye regional federation of employers of Ukraine Stanislav Оstapenko.

Opened an event with the words of greeting to the metallurgists director of combine Vladimir Sivak. He reminded that in 2015 ZTMC finished celebrating the 80th anniversary, and in June present year a collective marked another momentous date - 60 from the day of producing of industrial titan. This was the first and unique in its way production in the former USSR. And till today our combine remains an only in Ukraine enterprise productive a titanium sponge.

In spite of present hard time, ZTMC works on experimental projects. In particular, a director marked that on a combine worked out and high-efficiency technologies are inculcated, an unique equipment is put into an operation. So, in a shop №7 on the area of electrolysis of magnesium the electrolyzer of new bipolar type is put into an operation, on the area of treatment of titan spongy setting of mixer of parties of titan spongy starts. On the area of rectification of shop №2 technology of cleaning of technical tetrachloride of titan is worked out from vanadium by a hydrocarbon reagent.

- In 2015, due to the arranged and effective work of labour collective, our combine well went the certification of the system of management of quality on accordance to the standard of aerospace industry of EN 9100, that allowed ZTMC to go out to the market of titan of responsible application and aviation setting. We have no authority not to do a hand's turn, and a collective understands that creating foundation for the future is needed already today, - marked Vladimir Sivak in the performance.

The relay race of kind wishes over the leader of combine was taken by Grigory Samardak. Congratulating on a professional holiday, he appealed to the labour collective of ZTMC with such words:

- Respect to the people of labour is tradition that is passed by the Zaporozhye cossacks from a generation in a generation, and the fate of many Zaporozhye cossacks is related to metallurgy. And, in spite of difficult period that experiences the state and economy, the enterprises of metallurgical industry of the Zaporozhye area continue to execute it budgetary obligations and actively participate in the social programs of region. For a contribution to the economy of region is enormous gratitude to all labour collective of ZTMC from the deputy corps of the Zaporozhye regional soviet and Zaporozhye cossacks.

The leader of regional soviet handed rewards to the best workers of combine. For high professionalism, ponderable personal contribution to development of titanic industry, long-term conscientious labour of medal "For development of the Zaporozhye edge" was got by the main engineer of ZTMC Vladimir Коrolkov and main power engineering specialist Oleg Petric. Recipients of an award the diplomas of the Zaporozhye regional soviet round stripper of shop №7 Oleg Jaroshenko and depchief of shop №20 Mikhail Steshenko. In the labour collective of shop №2 this deed was also got by a main specialist Dmitry Antonov. The diploma of Zaporozhye regional state administration was handed to the depchief of shop №7 to Andrey Оverchenko, gratitude from the chairman of Zaporozhye regional administration is declared to master of shop №7 to Anatoliy Razinkovu, torepairer of shop №10 to Vitaly Borisenko and senior master of shop №9 to Sergey Кorolexy.

For long-term conscientious labour, high professionalism, considerable successes with implementation of productive tasks the diplomas of regional Soviet of Federation of employers of Ukraine got master of shop №of 2 Eugenias Smal, master of shop №16 Aleksej Bojko and main technologist of productive technological department Andrey Аntipov.

In the welcoming word Roman Omelianovich underlined that Day of metallurgist for the Zaporozhye cossacks was one of above all holidays.

- In our city every his eighth habitant relates to metallurgical industry, practically in every family acquainted with the profession of metallurgist not by hearsay. Times change, but this profession remains the same respected and highly sought. In Zaporozhye similarly produce a metal whole by dynasties. And leader of titanic industry of Ukraine - that confirmation. Here metallurgists work whole families. Fathers bring here to work of the sons. I wish to the Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine to remain the same unique enterprise in future to continue successfully to produce products that nobody produces in Ukraine, - Roman Anatolievich underlined.

Roman Omelian rewarded the diplomas of executive committee of the Zaporozhye town council of master of shop №2 Alexander Коzlovskogo, locksmith-repairer of shop №12 Anatoliy Аbrosimova house-painter of shop №of 23 Аlla Тimifeeva. In a shop №7 these rewards were also got by woker of furnace Oleg Makarenko and round stripper Victoria Skorina, and in the management of transport is a locksmith-electrician Cyril Masko. The deeds of Plant district administration from Andrey Baeva got smelter of shop №2 Sergey Bojkо, electrician of shop №11 Svetlana Мамаsueva, locksmith of shop № 14 Alexander Zabora, laboratory assistant of shop №17 Irene Юkalо, inspector of Olga Шаpovalova, woker of furnace shops №7 Andrey Sknar. In the labour collectives of deed got tool men of shop №10 Yuriy Маlar, depchief of economy ware-house Inna Bowel, chief of bureau of department of main power engineering specialist Sergey Luchaninov and senior inspector of human department of resources and training of personnels Victoria Lobach.

Then Yuriy Shapchits came forward before workers. After warm wishes he handed rewards metallurgists. So, Breastplate "For active work in the trade union of metallurgists and miners of Ukraine" got tractor driver of motor-car area of shop №16 Victor Jarinа, and diplomas of the Central committee of trade Union are pot operator of shop №7 Аleksandr Prilipko and tracer of shop №10 Irene Кijanica. Quite a bit rewards handed to the workers and in labour collectives. In a shop №2 got the diploma of Central Committee of trade Unions of Metallurgy and Miners of Ukraine senior timekeeper Svetlana Gajdayjirskaja, and in a shop №7 is woker of furnace Sergey Каpustan. Senior master of shop №12 the recipient of an award the deed of the Zaporozhye regional soviet of trade unions 12 Gennady Коchev, and by the deeds of the Zaporozhye regional committee is a smelter of shop №2 Vitaly beskorovaev and laboratory assistant of shop №17 Irene Soldatova.

In addition, in labour collectives handed 23 deeds of "ZTMC" Ltd. and 21 deed of trade-union committee of combine. On Board of honour of our combine the photos of the twenty best workers are brought.

A rewarding ceremony came to an end a festive concert with participation the merry trio of lively Ukrainian kozak dances that prepared for all not only the humorous jokes-saying, and and great number of gifts useful in housekeeping. They were got by the winners of quizzes on knowledge of the Ukrainian folk songs, and also those, who remembered prices on foodstuffs in soviet shops. In spite of the fact that from the moment of finding passed Ukraine of Independence already 25, rewards found it possessors. Memorable gifts are handed and to the participants of competition on withholding on the prolate forward hands of 15-kilogram pancakes from a barbell. In addition, all coming at concert got on a sweet surprise.

The dancing collective of "Fusion", duet of violinists of "Domino", parodists in characters of artists of Dzidzo and Olga Polakova, presented the numbers workers. The real surprise was a performance of finalists of star duet - participants of project "Voice of country" Vadim Коchetkov and Аlexandra Slusarenko with an authorial song, and also winner of show "Х-factor" of Mikhail Mostovoj. Wonders of acrobatics were shown by the champions of Ukraine on sport to acrobatics, silver prizewinners of Championship of Europe, master of sport of international class are gymnasts of acrobatic duet "Bionic Brothers". Positive emotions were share out with by an audience a command Club Merry and Resourceful combine. Performance of electrician of shop №7 Gleb Govoruxin, locksmith of shop №16 Evgenija Chernikova and laboratory assistant of shop №17 Olga Маrkova well complemented the bright atmosphere of holiday.