In a Shop №14 The Collective Of Highly Skilled Specialists Was United – Innovators

In a shop №14 the collection of labour collective, sanctified to the 60year of this subdivision with rewarding of the best workers, passed. In this event took part deputy of director on a management by a personnel and to social development of Ludmila Vasilega, chairman of trade union committee of combine Ljudmila Logvinova, chief of shop № 14 Vladimir Linnik, chairman of trade-union committee of shop Ann Shelestina, her deputy of Mazina Sabhangulova et al.

To glorious labour traditions of shop №14 beginning was fixed in June, 1956. At this time a shop was founded on repair and maintenance of control and measuring devices and facilities of automation. Ilya Ushkac became his first chief. He managed to join near itself the collective of like-minded persons, that began the decision of tasks on providing of control and management by technological processes.

Shop №14 was created on a combine one of the first, as it was necessary in the compressed terms to master the process of production of spongy titan and find technical decisions. At that time he counted no more than 75 persons, mainly to the young people that did not think to the life without a production. A shop broadened as far as development of combine, new laboratories and departments were created. An enormous merit in development of shop belongs to his former chief to Stanislav Narojchik.

And from 1989 and to the today's moment a shop is managed by Vladimir Linnik. For such long time the collective of this subdivision together with all combine successfully carried out the relight of titanium and magnesium ground after a crisis outage, brought in a feasible contribution to technical development of combine and continues to do it now. And that most important - a shop was saved for this not simple span of time by the first team of highly skilled specialists.

Activity of shop №14 occupies an important place in providing of normal clear work, increase of efficiency of production, successful realization drawn up a plan on the reconstruction of our combine. This subdivision is execute works on technical service, repair of devices control and management of physical and chemical analysis, to control of strength of working zones security, works on radiation control of products, materials, workplaces, and also individual dosimetric control of personnel. The specialists of shop provide metrology accompaniment of production, develop and inculcate new CASS of management technological processes.

The workers of area of repair and maintenance of devices at the head with a chief by Yaroslav Levchenko watch after a good condition and clear work of all equipment of combine.

The workers of area of technical maintenance of auxiliary shops Vladimir Маcishin leads that control in good condition work of equipment of shops №10, 11, 12, 20 and serve him.

The employees of area of technical service and repair of power equipment under the direction of Vladislaw Denshuk engage in technical maintenance of power equipment.

The specialists of area of editing and adjusting of facilities of automation together with the chief by Sergey Аrhipov inculcate the charts of automation in shops.

The collective of laboratory of metrology that is headed by a Chief Instrument Engineer Oksana Baba conducts the external and internal check of facilities of measuring technique, watches after the timely grant of devices and equipment in a check, conducts attestation of workplaces of all combine, develops standards and methodologies.

The worker laboratories of mechanization under the direction of Anatoliy Belchenko design and make facilities of mechanization, and also non-standard equipment for the shops of combine. The real inventors and rationalizers that create unique adaptations for the needs of production work here.

Years, decades, and collective of shop №14 , passed compares involuntarily, from what began the labour activity, with what devices worked. Pleasantly, that an old equipment gradually goes away to the past, yielding to a place modern. The comfortable computing engineering, newest facilities and methodologies of measuring and automation appeared in a shop. And to compel all of it to work, knowledge, enthusiasm and energy of young specialists, are needed. And such people came in shop. Quite a bit talented guys, able to think creatively, aspiring to study and master new facilities of automation, new equipment, get new knowledge, work here. In the number of such workers are chiefs of areas Yaroslav Levchenko, Sergey Arhipov, Vladislaw Denshuk, main metrologist Oksana Baba, senior master Anton Кorol, master Sergey Dozmarov, locksmiths on control and measuring devices and automation Andrey Svetlov, Тrofim Budko and Тatjana Tymoshenko ocksmiths on control and measuring devices and automation Andrey Svetlov, Тrofim Budko and Тatjana Tymoshenko, locksmith mechanically frame-clamping works Anton Bulaev.

A positive example is given by other workers of shop - their senior comrades. Among them are locksmiths on control and measuring devices and automation Alexandr Sinko, Olga Тimchenko, Svetlana Rjabova, locksmith of mechanically frame-clamping works Alexandr Zabora.

In a shop №14 still remember and value veterans productions that before worked in this subdivision. Among them is master of service of STACKS and automation of shop №2 Sergey Кorchagin and his employees are locksmiths on control and measuring devices and automation of Таmara Gordeeva, Valeriy Bondarenko, Vitaly and Vladimir Sherban, Sergey Jmachkin, Vail Ilalov. They passed to a complimentary address the colleagues and small gift.

Administration and trade-union committee of shop №14 thank a collective for excellent and arranged work, wish successes with labour and domestic prosperity to all.