Young Researchers Got Rewards

On a combine summed up III of the Technical conference of young specialists.

We will remind that she passed in two stages. In the beginning participants passed preselection in the structural subdivisions, meeting of sectional commissions took place further. They were sanctified to the questions into that production workers and management of combine run every day. In all in a conference 125 young researchers took part from ten shops, ten departments, three managements and main book-keeping of combine.

Work of conference went to six sections. On the second stage workers prepared interesting lectures and rich in content presentations. Each of pretenders showed a resourcefulness, level of oratorical mastery and answered questions that arose up during a discussion for the members of commissions. At working out the totals such criteria as actuality and meaningfulness of lecture, readiness of technical decision, approbation of results, economic effect were necessarily taken into account et cetera. After the count of points and discussions final results were got. In a section a 1 "Development and introduction of technical decisions in a titanium and magnesium production" third place was taken the by the leading engineer of technical management Andrey Romanov, on the second place is a joint lecture of workers productively technological department - main technologist Andrey Аntipov and engineer Anton Baranes, and championship appeared in the hands of smelter of shop №9 Mikhail Кravchenkо.

In a section 2 "Increase of efficiency and reliability of mechanical equipment, to energy efficiency on a production" were certain at once two winners. So, excellent results were obtained: master of shop №7 Nikita Reznichenko is the third place; a senior power engineering specialist of department of main power engineering specialist Nadejda Fedorova - second; and the first place was divided a colleague of Nadezhda on a department is an engineer Andrey Тujanskij and leading engineer of technical management Mikhail Grechka.

In a section 3 "Management of quality and technical control. Laboratory control. Equipment and processes of STACKS and automation" joint lecture of workers of shop №16 - chief of area of motor transport Vladimir Solanij and got the chief of repair shop Alexandr Dzivitskij the third place; took the second place laboratory engineer-assistant of shop №17 Svetlana Bull; and laurels of absolute championship were reached to the specialist of department of management of quality and standardization to Svetlana Ткаchenkо.

In a section 4 labour and environment" of lectures "Protection it appeared very not enough. The participants of section became prizewinners. Senior master of shop №12 Gennady Коchev got the third place, leading engineer of service of labour protection Konstantin Моrozov - second. And the best from the best master was confessed gas rescue services of shop №20 Vladimir Suljaev - for him the first place. The organizers of conference hope that next year such important theme will bring over to itself more attention of young specialists and, accordingly, new suggestions will be given on an improvement.

In a section 5 "Improvement of processes : supplies, production and economy of enterprise" distribution prize places were taken the by the workers of department of planning and budgeting is an economist Dmitry Lucenko, becoming the third in rating, and leading economist Таtjana Оbidenova, conquering the second place. And by a winner was confessed leading economist of management of sale Olga Sahno.

In a section 6 "Management by a personnel as an instrument of achievement of aims of enterprise" the second place was divided inter se engineer of department of organization of labour and salary Maria Кrivosheina and engineer of shop №12 Elena Ivanichkina, and absolute championship appeared in the hands of specialist of human department of resources and training of personnels of Elena Shostaк.

An organizational committee congratulates the best authors of lectures and thanks other workers for participating in III of the Technical conference. On her results collection of lectures will be produced and the analysis of efficiency of this event is prepared.