Eternal Glory To The Defenders Of Zaporozhye!

Chairman of trade-union committee of combine Ljudmila Logvinova, chief of department of corporate and social responsibility Sergey Коvalev and veterans of ZTMC near recreation Centre Public Joint-stock Company "Zaporoztransformator" was accepted participating in the mass meeting sanctified to the 75year of beginning of defensive of Zaporozhye from nazi invaders.

With the words of deep gratitude to the veterans appealed municipal head Vladimir Burak, vice-chairman of the Zaporozhye regional soviet Vladislaw Маrchenko, deputy of military commissar of the Zaporozhye area, is a colonel Yuriy Тrofimenkо, chairman of Advice of Zaporozhye municipal organization of veterans of Ukraine Victor Коrolenko.

After the appeals of power and public Vladimir Burak handed to the representatives of enterprises memorable signs from the Zaporozhye town council and town council of veterans.

In memory oh the exploit of heroes of past war Ludmila Logvinova and Sergey Коvalev together with the representatives of other enterprises and public organizations laid flowers to the monument to the personnel of 3th battery of the 16th Кrasnoznamennogo zenithal artillery regiment. Exactly here, exactly 75 ago, 18 August, 1941, they selflessly executed an oath and soldier's duty at protecting of city of Zaporozhye and weir of Dneproges from nazis the cost of the lives. Eternal to them glory!