Panman Of Extinguishing To Exterminate Lidija Хаrchenko Awarded With High Reward

Panman of extinguishing to exterminate shops №20 Lidija Хаrchenko from 1968 works on our combine. She began by a nurse in kindergarten, was a sister-educator, and already two decades works on a present profession.

Lidija, having sufficient preparation, taking experience, to perfection captured the profession, and also thoroughly studied work of panman of neutralization.

She successfully gets along at extinguishing of limewater for providing of of basic shops of combine, takes into account every change in the work. Industrious, initiative - here that can be said about this remarkable woman.

Lidija Xarchenko is an excellent tutor: for years the labour she taught 18 young workers to the profession. And with other colleagues she is gladly divided by rich productive experience. Being a good organizer, during 30 years she headed a productive brigade.

For conscientious labour, high productive indexes, personal contribution to development of titanic industry Lidija Xarchenko was repeatedly encouraged by money bonuses, gratitudes, deeds of combine. And in honour a state holiday to her according to Decree of President an insignia was appropriated -an anniversary medal is "25 of independence of Ukraine". Reward to Lidija on a session Zaporozhye a regional soviet was handed by the chairman of regional state administration Konstantin Bril.

This sign is reward citizens for the prominent personal merits in becoming of independent Ukraine, claim of her sovereignty and strengthening of international authority, ponderable contribution to state building, socio-economic, cultural and educational development, active social and political activity, conscientious and blameless service to the Ukrainian people.