A Company Bureau Veritas Again Confirmed Accordance System of Management of Quality of Combine to the Requirements of Standard of AS/EN 9100

In "ZTMC" Ltd. well the first supervisory audit of the system of management of quality (QMS) went on accordance to the requirements of international standard of AS/EN 9100. He was conducted by the specialist of representative office of international independent certification body of Bureau Veritas Certification Alexandr Каrasev.

We will remind that the system of management of "ZTMC" Ltd. is certificated in 2015 on accordance of EN 9100 by an operating term on three years with annual confirmation. A company is brought in the international base of these certificated suppliers of aerospace industry of Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS).

During a supervisory audit, functioning of QMS is checked for productive grounds, in laboratories and many auxiliary services. A public accountant marked on results verification, that the system of management of quality on "ZTMC" Ltd. from year to year got better and positively estimated the new fitting for to the management by processes on combine. The results of audit showed absence of substantial disparities that would prevent to the extension of action of certificate.

For the further improvement of the system of management of quality on a combine Alexandr Каrasev recommended to accumulate knowledge for the improvement of processes of QMS, taking into account all risk events, influence of external and internal factors. Also he suggested at determination of degree of satisfaction of consumers to expose reasons of both negative and positive estimations.

A receipt last year of certificate became an important step for an enterprise: it allowed to promote the competitiveness of production of titan and satisfaction of customers during all life cycle of products. In addition, the presence of certificate promotes the competitiveness of enterprise as on internal, so in the world market. However it is important not only to get a certificate but also work in accordance with the accepted rules and norms. The passed audit demonstrates to our partners and customers, that the standard inculcated on an enterprise is used in daily activity of enterprise.