Professionalism, Competence, Stability, is Description of Work of Central Laboratory of Combine During 60 years

The central laboratory of combine (CLC, shop №17) marked the anniversary is a 60year from the day of founding.

Officially, the birthday of the Central laboratory September, 1956, is considered is the date of introduction to the line-up of operating central building of CLC, building of that was begun in spring, a few months before. And the order of director about setting the chief of the Central plant laboratory (CPL) of Irina Коsenko is dated 15.01.1955 year.

And then there yet were neither apartments, nor specialists nor equipment. Only knowing the specific of work of laboratory, it is possible to understand, what enormous, unbelievable volume of works had to be executed, that to producing in June, 1956 of the first titan CPL was ready to analyse quality of the prepared products. The first workers were Makarenko V.S., Slobodjanuk M.U., Filonenko T. (Jilovskaja), А. of Parxomenko (Podkoritova), Brednikova M.N. (Petrunko).

In short spaces after a recommission operating building of CPL was made and set laboratory furniture, a necessary analytical equipment is purchased. The state CPL broadened - he was entered by Riganelovich A.V., Terexina K.V., Klukina L.V. (Rogatkina), Pavlenko V.F., Vashenko G.V. (Кuklina) Kanisheva T.A, (Pampushko) and other specialists.

Irina Kosenko, Mikhail Vinnikov, Alexandr Dubovik headed CPL (CLC) during long years. It is impossible not to remember leaders that revived laboratories in 1998 after stopping of production for ZTMC. In their number of Valentina Brusinskaja, Svetlana Furmanova, Irina Ivashina, Тatjana Sumskaja, many of that now on the deserved rest. It is possible yet very long to enumerate the last names of workers of our shop, that brought in a considerable contribution to his work and development. The collective of the Central laboratory their labour remembers and honours.

Presently CLC conducts analytical control on all life cycles of production of goods - from entrance control of raw material and materials, control of products of technology of production to control of the prepared products. Except possibility of the use of off-grade raw material and materials in a production, carrying out control of technological products at all stages of production of titan spongy and controlling quality of the prepared products, shop №17 brings in the contribution to making by our combine of high-quality products competitive in the world market.

In January, 2014 the Central laboratory confirmed the technical competence and independence on implementation of measuring in the declared area of attestation already as a laboratory of "ZTMC" Ltd. is in a head metrology center - research and project Institute of titan.

Shop №17 conducts active work on introduction in the laboratories of standard of ISO/IEC 17025. In the light of realization of reconstruction and modernisation of combine, increase of requirements to quality of products, requirements rise to quality and authenticity of measuring. A great deal coming to do and on modernization facilities of measuring technique, and on introduction of modern methods of analysis, and on repair of apartments of CLC. Plans are large and serious, requiring both capital investments and selfless labour of all employees of the Central laboratory. And a collective for us is professional, stable, industrious. Labour experience of many workers - more than 30 years. To Such collective any business on a shoulder.

Our employees actively participate in public life of our combine. About the achievements of sportsmen of shop № 17 numerous deeds testify. Day of family, fishing tournament does not do without the representatives of CLC. Miss Charm too among our workers.

To the anniversary of the Central laboratory the best employees of shop are recipients of an award the deeds of ZTMC and trade-union committee of combine.

We congratulate a collective and veterans of CLC on a 60 year! Achievements and labour performing, happiness, health, prosperity, world to you and your families!