Collective Agreement: Report of Implementation For The First Half of Year

The extended meeting of trade-union of combine passed chaired by the trade-union leader of ZTMC Ludmila Logvinovoj. On him talked about the course of performance of collective agreement between a labour collective and administration of ZTMC for the first half-year 2016 year. In this event accepted participation deputy of director (on a production) Vladimir Korolkov, deputy of director (on a management by a personnel and to social development) Ludmila Vasilega, and. о. of deputy of director (on an economy and finances) of Ludmila Utochkina, depchief of management of sale Alexandr Rojkov, members of trade-union of combine and invited.

In the performance of Ludmila Utochkina explained to the present person, that from the sharp increase of powers of the Chinese producers, halts of many projects with the use of titanic materials as a result of world crisis and price decline on oil, and also in connection with worsening of relationships with Russian Federation, a combine ran into the substantial falling of demand at the market of titan spongy. A like entailed a disbalance between a production and by realization of this products, that, in turn, resulted in the accumulation of account payable for electric power and increase of ware-house supplies of the prepared products. For electric power there can the source of coverage of account payable be only realization exactly of ware-house supplies of the prepared products.

From an uncompensation by the state of Value-added Tax, world price of titan decline, there was a difficult situation on our enterprise. She proceeds already a long ago, but to the today's moment became most perceptible for a worker. The question of cost of power medium costs especially sharply. Only during May - July of this year the increase of tariffs on electric power of A-one made 15,7%, second class - 14,7%. The increase of tariffs resulted in a considerable increase to the production of titan cost spongy and to the unplanned outflow of turnover means for financing of additional charges on electric power. Calculating on a present, minimum production volume, the additional increase of charges on an combine made a 5,8 million hrn. / month (with VAT).

The problem of cost of power medium worries our combine not only. To pay attention to power and public problem that threatens not only to existence of certain combine, and and a number of industries, administration and trade-union of ZTMC together with guidance of plant of "Dneprospestal", Zaporozhye and Nikopol plants of ferro-alloys and Pobujskogo of ferronickel combine directed a joint letter in an address a government and and prime Minister, and their copy - in administration of President of Ukraine, National commission, carrying out adjusting in the field of energy and building services.

Limit nature of financial resources of combine complicates work in relation to maintenance in the due capable of working state of continuous production, does impossible implementation ratified by the collective agreement of the social programs, does not allow to promote a salary to the workers of combine. Therefore for prevention of stop of production from April of current year ZTMC forced to bring down production of titan volumes spongy to critically minimum technological level. However it decides a problem, and draws the additional increase of production of basic goods cost and results in the increase of unprofitableness of activity of combine.

However Ludmila Utochkina marks positive moments. In spite of grave financial condition of our combine, in the second quarter of 2016 the insignificant improvement of indexes of financial and economic activity is marked due to closing of deal on shipping of titanic slag. Also first for many years our enterprise left off to work on storage.

Alexandr Rojkov specified that suggestion at the titanic market now exceeded demand, and consumers pull out enhanceable requirements to quality of products. At her purchase various criteria undertake into account, such as price politics, volumes and terms of delivery. From welcome news is expansion of sale of tetrachloride of titan, there is a contract on shipping of titanic slag to the end of present year. Contract with our basic client - Chinese company "BaoTi" holds good. Due to perfection of technological processes and equipment producing of titan of spongy, answering enhanceable requirements consumer increased on a grade, but with realization of this products a situation remains difficult.

Vladimir Коrolkov informed a present person, that a combine searches the ways of exit from the folded situation. On our combine decisions, allowing maximally to perfect technology of producing of products, do her a less expense, began to be inculcated. But success needs to be attained not only herein. Work coming sound, including with commercial services. Liberation of storages must become the primary concern of management of sale; only at this condition it will be possible to talk about the increase of production volumes.

In spite of difficulties, ZTMC continues to execute the major repairs pre-arranged on a present year. To date in a shop №7 on the mixer of slime-electolitic mixture №2 works are fully executed on foundation, to the end of current year it is planned to execute works on power supply of mixer and mount меtal structures. Repaired for two stoves of separation and warming-up, three stoves of renewal, one combined stove of renewal-separation, a project is got on the titanic pipe of Н- a 120 m.

In a shop №11 chemical defence of 35-kilovolt of air-track is executed. In a shop №12 the pipeline of technical air is repaired, one compressor 7 VP, planning is executed for general overhaul of boiler room. In the management of transport works are executed on the fire warning.

Ludmila Vasilega accounted about the course of performance of requirements of division, regulative payment and setting of norms of labour. So, the size of tariff rate of the working first digit with the normal terms of labour makes 141% to the minimum wage. A collective agreement is envisage the size of corresponding tariff rate not below 105% of minimum wage, therefore obligations of administration before a labour collective executed. The extra charge of material help to the workers proceeds on making healthy at going away to annual vacation. Cases ill-timed or not in full payment of salary in a period covered it was not. Ludmila Victorovna marked also, that for motivation of workers of Society monetary resources are distributed on the basis of positions about distribution and extra charge of bonus of leader of structural subdivision, including chief of management of quality. Implementation of requirements of these documents assists the increase of middle salary of workers of ZTMC.

Chief of department of labour protection Alexandr Хоptinec reported, that by subdivisions of combine from six events plugged in a collective agreement, five executed fully, and event of shop №7 is replacement of row of window apertures - it is carried on a later term. In a shop №2 heating of charge preparation area of melting of raw material and charge is executed, by a shop №12 pavement and porch is repaired in building of the pumping station of drinkable water-supply, by forces of workers of shop №19 the water-supply of register office of building of policlinic of ZTMC is recovered, building service of combine in a preventive clinic is execute repair of waterproof of specific ground of corps №1, and also apartments of food-grade and dinner hall.

In addition, Alexander Aleksandrovich brought statistics over of accidents. As well as for the first half-year the last year, on an combine two work accidents are registered. During a period covered 132 cases of unproductive traumatism are investigated, on that acts were made in a due form. For the first half of this year on the combine of fires and accidents did not happen.

About work with young people the leading engineer of human department of resources accounted and to training of personnels is a counsel of youth motion of ZTMC Aleksej Pirojenko, about the sport achievements of wokers accountable for sport work Andrey Lubin reminded present.

Ludmila Logvinova told about the course of performance of division, to that speech goes about social privileges and guarantees, social security, organization of making healthy and of rest of worker. Chairman of trade-union committee reported that in a period covered administration of combine, in spite of difficult economic situation, continued to enumerate to the trade-union committee of means on the fund of 0,5% on cultural and mass, athletic work and making healthy. Basic part of these money was used up on making healthy of worker and their children. In a health camp "Star" PС "Sumiximprom" 117 children of workers rested, in a preventive clinic on the state on August, 17 of current year 414 persons remedied a health, from them 66 veterans and 19 children of workers of combine. The health-resort of ZTMC is actively conduct sanitary-elucidative work among a worker. The open last year cabinet of physical therapy procedures, located on pre-plant territory, continues work.

Ludmila Vladimirovna informed, that administration before Advice of veterans met engagements in full. Monthly on the account of trade-union facilities are enumerated for realization of cash disbursements to the pensioners and veterans of labour, being in an account in veteran organization of ZTMC. In every driving to the preventive sanatorium-clinic for Advice of veterans distinguish two tours.

Territory is also ennobled, including social objects of combine. On results the questionnaire of worker in relation to organization of feed, making healthy and transport transportations events are conducted on their improvement.