Sorochyntsi Fair By The Eyes

One of the most active workers of ZTMC taking part in life of combine and in the events of Advice of young people went in a next encouraging excursion.

Woker of furnace of shop №2 Victor Кrigin, locksmith-repairer of shop №2 Igor Jaskov, senior master of shop №10 Igor Capenko, electrical fitter of shop №11 Alexandr Коshelenko and laboratory assistant of shop №17 Olga Markova was visited on August, 20 one of the most colourful events of Ukraine - the Sorochyntsi fair. This year she was sanctified to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine and passed a fair "Blossoms under a slogan - Ukraine" flowers. Now event under a brand The "Sorochynskij fair" is a not simply grandiose trade holiday on that the products are presented by the leading enterprises of Ukraine and other countries. This yet and bright theatricalized presentation with participation the heroes of works of Nikolay Gogol and folklore collectives, and also vast concerto and entertaining program. In a present year the Sorochyntsi fair was visited by more than 100 thousand persons. In her to 1500 enterprises, businessmen and folk masters, took part from Ukraine, near and distant foreignness.

Besides a fair, our guys visited the memorable places of the Poltava area, including National museum-reserve the name of Nikolay Gogol.

"Super journey! Cognitive, entertaining and joining us in one command, in fact we from different shops. I call all young people of combine, and not only young people, to occupy active position not only on workplaces but also in ordinary life" - shared the emotions from a journey Alexandr Коshelenko.

Put high aims and labour for them, and we you we will help herein! We wait all with the ideas in Advice of young people of combine.