The Zaporozhye Titanium And Magnesium Combine Took The Festival Of Work of Children-Orphans Under Guardianship

Regional tour of anniversary Х of the Allukrainian festival of work of children-orphans and children with limit possibilities the "Talented children of Ukraine"! under the aegis the department of education and science of Zaporozhye regional state administration it will take place in Zaporozhye at support of leader of metallurgical industry of Ukraine - Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine. Promulgated such information during a press-conference in the press room of regional organization of national union of journalists of Ukraine director of "ZTMC" Vladimir Sivak.

He marked that a help to the deprived of one's share children is an organic necessity of labour collective of combine. During many years this combine renders a humanitarian help to the Zaporozhye child's house a "Sun", to the Кirovskomu house of invalids and plans and in further to give her many to other child's social establishments of our area.

- Now a combine provides prizes and gifts for the kids of participants of festival "the Talented children of Ukraine"!, - Vladimir Sivak confirmed. - We are certain, that for children-orphans this festival will purchase an enormous value, in fact they will have the opportunity to realize the talents on the professional stage. And it will give to them additional impulse for further development and becoming in life.

A festival will take place already on November, 5 in Zaporozhye musical school the name of Majborodi P. The official opening of event is pre-arranged on 10.00.

As a director of musical school Sergej Peluk, that became the kind friend of festival also, confirmed, for the participants of event leading teachers will conduct masterclasss, and there will be the handed certificates the winners of creative musical competitions on the out-of-competition prelude of this educational establishment.

Our festival is the real springboard in life for the talented kids confined paternal guardianship, - confirmed president of festival, vice-president of Allukrainian public organization the "Talented children of Ukraine"! Ludmyla Piskovskaja - quite a bit winners of creative competitions of past years today get higher education in leading advanced in complexity of country. I sincerely beholden to the unindifferent people that do the prominent payment in our common kind cause.