Aleksandra Grechka – In The Number Of The Best Young Scientists Of The Zaporozhye Edge

Realization of regional competition for the gifted young people in area of science for the management of young people, physical culture and sport of regional state administration already became kind tradition.

This event collects all greater popularity among students and young workers of enterprises. All was begun with 52th works of the guys given for consideration by a commission in 2013, and now for a rank 93 works compete the best already. From them 75 student young people prepared, and 18 are young specialists.

According to the chief of management Natalia Vlasova, this year the young scientists of the Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine showed activity, to Zaporozhye Nuclear power Plant With, "Iskra", and also young specialists of "Zaporozkokcs" and "Motor Sich".

In a present year guys searched the ways of decision of pressing questions of economy, engineering sciences, right, programming, medicine, study of a particular region, pedagogics, sociology, ukrainian studies, philosophy.

On results consideration of the advanced studies a competitive commission winners are certain. Thus this year the advanced studies of students, young scientists and specialists of industrial enterprises were estimated separately.

Vice-chairman of regional state administration Eduard Gugnin marked , that with every year a commission gets all anymore and more works are from participants. Pleasantly, that the scales of competition grow - if he embraced before, mainly, the students of Institutions of higher learning, then now the gifted young people of industrial enterprises began to participate in him. All of it, according to Eduard Gugnin, talks that the Zaporozhye region is not stopped at the development. Upon completion of the speech he wished to the guys to continue the creative searches, offer new solutions, confidently to arrive at the put aims.

And then a solemn moment - rewarding of laureates of competition came. Diplomas and money bonuses were handed them. It is pleasant to mark that among the recipient of an award in that day there was representative ZTMC is an engineer designer of project designer department of Alexandra Grechka. Her work is "Increase of mechanical and operating properties of heat-resistant Fe - Cr - Al of alloys for making of heaters of industrial electric stoves of resistance" was confessed by one оf the best. In hired the new decision of scientific and technical task, sent to creation of heatproof alloy with the enhanceable indexes of technological plasticity and heat-tolerance, is presented, that can be applied in the conditions of aggressive environment and high temperatures of exploitation. In turn, we offer to the leaders of subdivisions in every way to assist to the height of scientific and technical potential of our young specialists, to direct them for participating in technical conferences and other professional competitions.