On a Combine Summed Up Competition "The Best locksmith-repairer"

We will remind that he passed in three groups of participants, depending on experience of work for professions that answered theoretical questions and executed sorting out assembling of bolt with change of packing washer, and also stuffing-box. This task needed to be executed in obedience to technology of revision of bolt.

It is pleasant to mark that requests on participating in a competition executed all subdivisions of ZTMC : in the competition of professional mastery a 31 worker of shops №2, 7, 10, 12 fought for victory. Also eight representatives of strange organizations competed workers. Among them were students vocational educational establishments - the "Zaporozhye professional metallurgical lyceum", "Zaporozhye professional lyceum of railway transport" and workers of metallurgical enterprises, is Public Joint-stock Company of "Dneprospetsstal", Private Joint-stock Company of "Zaporozkoks", Public Joint-stock Company "Zaporizhstal".

In the group of participants of competition with experience of work on a profession to two years of excellent results were obtained by such locksmiths: worker of shop №2 Pavel Savchenko took the third place; representative of shop №10 Mikhail Istomov - second, and worker of shop №12 Artem Bojko conquered absolute championship in this group.

In the group of locksmiths with experience from two to five years the third in rating the employee of shop № 7 Rodion Kuzmenkov, second is a worker of "Zaporozkoks" Sergey Zarubaev, and the first place was conquered by the worker of shop №10 Oleg Zarva.

And among experience participants working there are over five years on a profession, prize places were taken by the such locksmiths: representative of shop №2 Nikolay Petrov is the third place; worker of shop №12 Dmitriy Andrushenko - second, and employee of shop №10 Alexander Bikov became the best from the best in this group, on results past years.

The best participants of competition were the recipients of an award deeds. The workers of combine, taking the prize places, are also encouraged financially. We will mark that Alexander Bikov, Artem Bojko and Dmitriy Andrushenko already three years in succession arrive at high indexes in theoretical and practical part of competition, therefore they got the greater size of bonus, than their colleagues are winners and prizewinners present year.

On the educed vacancies in knowledge of participants the human department of resources and training of personnels together with shops organized the corresponding educating.