Winners of Tournament Are a Heat of Energy of Combine

Within the framework XVI of Sports and athletics meeting of combine in Palace of sport of "Zaporozaluminstroj" took place competitions on streetball.

Selection turns began as early as October, and semifinal and final duels passed in a present month. For the rank of absolute winner fought the combined team of shops №11 and №9, and also commands of shops №12, №7, management of combine.

As a tournament went near the completion, nobody wanted to yield victory. First match of semifinal between the combined team of shops №11, №9 and by the command of shop №12 came to the end in a benefit heat of power engineering specialists. In addition, in a next duel management of combine overcame the workers of shop №7. It it was especially unsimply to do nearer by the end of meeting, as an account was equal and even the least error could cost a great deal. Seconds and mastery of players here decided everything literally. Thus, yielding to the rivals met inter se in duels for the third place, and winners of these matches - for the first.

A finale came! At the beginning of the first fight, command of shop №7 at once breaks forth forward on three points; however, the combined team of shops №11 and №9 not give up. Though still ahead workers of basic shop, their rivals repeatedly try to not only equalize an account but also go out forward. In the total victory in hands for the sportsmen of shop №7.

Moreover, a fight for absolute championship was bitterer. Command of shop №12 from the beginning of meeting was ahead, but the sportsmen of management of combine, mainly, did not give to her to unstuck more than on one are two points. Nearer by the end of game an account is almost compared. However farther in a basket balls lay only workers of shop №12, increasing to the same digging up. In addition, win!

On results competitions the combined team of shops №11 and №9 (workers of shop №11 is a chief of group Aleksej Shramko and electrician Dmitry Chesha, smelter of shop №9 Maxim Poshukaj) took the fourth place; command of shop №7 in composition the chief of area Andreya Pestova, pot operators of Alexandr Prilipko, Alexandra Кrajenko, Andreja Кraeva, smelter Maxima Borodunina - third. The second place was taken by the sportsmen of management of combine is a chief of bureau of management of sale Yuriy Rusanov, main technologist of project of technical management Sergey Аdjeev, engineer-designer project department Alexander Krivous and chief of tender department Таtjana Оbidenova; and laurels of absolute championship appeared in the hands of command of shop №12. Workers of this structural subdivision : master Yegor Burja, locksmiths Alexandr Каtaev, Alexandr Podgatets, Dmitriy Andrushenko and economist Andrey Lubin fill up the money-box of achievements heat of power engineering specialists of our combine by another victory!

A sport club ZTMC congratulates winners and prizewinners, and also thanks other commands for participating in not simple competitions.