The Best Young Erudite of Combine Are Certain

In November on ZTMC was organized by all favorite intellectual game "What? Where? When"?

This year, besides 32 workers of shops №№ 2, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 20, managements of combine, economies ware-house and department of technical control, within the framework of realization of the program of social partnership in an event took part and six students the Zaporozhye professional lyceum of railway transport and Zaporozhye professional metallurgical lyceum. Through cerebral assault of command in composition, three players must answer on 40 general questions. Time on deliberation of question and handing over of form with an answer was limited to one minute. During all game, many commands were on equal. Only on a final segment, did a command of technical control break forth in individual leaders, gained the lead in a game, getting 22 points, and rank the "Best command of combine in an intellectual game "What? Where? When"? Command of shop №17 with 17 points took the second place, passing the nearest commands. In addition, the honored third place was divided by the commands of management of combine and shop №10 with 15 points.

Advice of young people and service of personnel congratulate winners, prizewinners of contest remind that at year's end will take place working out the totals of competition "The Best youth collective" 2016 year. Therefore, every participation of subdivision in the events of Advice of young people can become decision.