The Workers of Combine Presented to The Pupils of Boarding-Schools New Possibilities For Creative Development

Allukrainian public organization is the "Talented children of Ukraine"!, organizing the festivals of work for a kid, deprived paternal guardianship and with limit physical possibilities, helps and supports young talents, gives an opportunity to expose and show the capabilities to them. Now, at support of labour collective of the Zaporozhye titanium a nd magnesium combine, a festival collected in Zaporozhye musical school a record amount is about 150 participants from the different corners of the Zaporozhye area. An event passed under patronage of director ZTMC Vladimira Sivaka.

Our dear children! Dear teachers and educators, receiving parents and guardians! With all heart I congratulate you on the remarkable holiday of child's work, - appealed to the participants of festival Vladimir Sivak - Theme of help to the toorphans for us is near. The labour collective of our combine already many years gives help to the children that are in the Кirovskom house of invalids (child's separation). This special social establishment. Also our collective renders support to the Zaporozhye child's house a "Sun".

We know, as much talented children grow there. And we will give help with gladness, that these children, finally, were able to go out on the large stage and show the creative talents to wide public. There are five children in my family. And I know not by hearsay, how many attention and caring are required from adults, that a kid developed in correct direction, that children were able to open and to a full degree develop all talents. Our festival is called every kind to assist this development. To me very gladly, that so many children participate in this event. All of you, expensive guys, I wish the subjugation of new creative heights. And remember that among you there are not losers. That you went out on the large stage is already victory! Our help and support consist in organization of rewards and gifts for a talented kid. Today they each of you will be made happy in completion of festival. All of you successes!

That coming a festival to pass at high professional level, and, consequently, children success will be useful for, a commission confirmed on a selection : senior teacher of institute of arts the name of Drahomanov (Kiev) Larisa Chinchevaja, graduate student of the Kyiv musical academy the name of P. Tchaikovsky, laureate of allukrainian and international competitions Kiril Chinchevoj, vice-president the "Talented children of Ukraine", producer, director of festival Ludmila Piskovskaja, choreographer producer of exemplary ensemble of modern dance "Riddle" Natalia Moroz.

Helped the participants of competition in their performances aspiration to get high rewards and gifts of festival, and more than all is possibility to conquer a right for the out-of-competition entering Zaporozhye musical school the name of P. Mayborodi, and also right to present the Zaporozhye edge on the Allukrainian turn of this festival in the capital and tour in child's center of entertainments and rest "Аrtek 5" under Kyiv.

A tense creative competition proceeded a few hours. Children mightily showed the talents and creative abilities in different genres: vocal, choreography, instrumental music, circus art.

On results estimations many of them were marked diplomas and cups. Invitation to Kyiv was conquered vocalist Elisabeth Ribka (Gulajpolskaja the special general school boarding-school) dancing duet Svetlana Коvaleva and Bogdan Doroshenko (Zaporozhye school boarding-school "Rassvet") vocalist Alexander Drekalo (pupil vocally to the choreographic studio "Chajka" the Zaporozhye municipal palace of child's and youth work) and performer of circus genre Mikhail Кnish (school № 94).

Also Certificates on the out-of-competition entering musical school got: Alexander Drekalo (vocal), vocally choreographic studio "Chajka" the Zaporozhye municipal palace of work of children and youth, teacher of Кorneeva А.I.; Kusij Vlad (pipe), Jana Zimoglad (piano) and Vera Nozdrina (vocal or conductor-choral) - all from communal establishment of "Gulajpolskaja specialized general school-boarding-school" Zaporozhye regional soviet, a teacher Golub of А.V.; and also Bogdan Ponomarchuk (piano, trombone) from general sanatory school-boarding-school of communal higher educational establishment of "Хоrtiskaja national academy" of the Zaporozhye regional soviet, teacher Raximova V.К.

We will intently watch after subsequent creative successes of these guys and tell about them to our readers.

Upon completion of holiday all participants got in a gift from the patrons of art yet and tickets on the cinema show in Zaporozhye to the cinema concerto hall the name of Dovjenko on an adventure ribbon "Doctor Strange" in a 3d format.