The Workers Of Combine Became Kind Magicians For The Deprived of One's Share Kid

To the pupils of child's shelters of area gifts to the day of saint Nikolay from the labour collective of ZTMC the director of combine Vladimir Sivak passed personally.

For the children deprived paternal guardianship, by will of fate appearing in the centers of socially-psychological rehabilitation of area, this eleemosynary action became th- First in history of our center in our guests a leader of such high grade is a director of major metallurgical concern from a regional center. It is actual miracle, - can not restrain positive emotions leader of Оrehovskogo of regional center of socially-psychological rehabilitation of children of Аntonina Permakova. (A center is counted on 40 kids in age from three to 18-ти years. Presently here are 29 pupils.) - For our kid.e real surprise.

Vladimir Victorovich is a kind magician. Not only desirable gifts that he brought are valuable us. Thank you to the workers of ZTMC - you carried out our dreams! But main is that attention that Vladimir Victorovich spared to the kid.

Supports a colleague and director of Pologovskij center Ludmila Simonenko.

- communication is very important for our babies, - Ludmila Vasilievna confirms. Yet till recently she under a wing had a 56 ward. Today there are 37 guys in a center. Other already succeeded to be arranged in the domestic forms of education. - Meeting with such people help to find the road them in life.

To the day of saint Nikolay gifts from the workers of combine were got by the pupils of all shelters of the Zaporozhye area. Refrigerators, televisions, washing-machines, sport suits, bed belonging, office commodities, toys - both guys and their educators were sincerely glad to heartfelt generosity of workers of ZTMC.

Actually, in such centers mainly social orphans find shelter are the children deprived paternal heat and caring at living father and mother, as a rule, leading the asocial way of life. Therefore, kindness and caress they perceive with the special gratitude. And aim all heart to answer love on love.

A kid prepared to the expensive guest wonderful concerts: in every shelter of Vladimir Victorovich did not release without that, not to sing and not dance for him. And in each aged to present in memory of meeting the wonderful hand-made articles love made child's hands.

- Theme of help to the deprived of one's share children for us is near. The labour collective of our combine already during many years gives help to the children that are on education in the Kirovskij house of invalids. This special social establishment. Also our collective renders support to the Zaporozhye child's house a "Sun", - Vladimir Sivak explained position of labour collective of ZTMC it is Benefit of realization of our action in creation festive new-year atmospheres to the babies that does not have family, and also in possibility to learn to us all to kindness and understanding of human essence. No less important is a pedagogical aim of action. In fact saint Nikolay comes to the children not only, to present a gift. He comes, with them to associate: to give the kind discipline, teach to do good, to do well, pray, respect each other.

To the holiday gifts got pupils of the Кirovskogo house of invalids. Let the hand of giving will not become depleted!