Name-days Of Combine - To Surprise An Occasion And Make Happy

In the conference hall of House of public organizations of combine of Decembers, 23 a concert took place the "New-year banger of “ZTMC”, sanctified to the birthday of our combine and coming New Year.

Yet hour prior to beginning of performances of artists of workers expected surprises. The workers of service of organization of feed opened the fair of meat, fish dishes, baking and pastry wares of shop, and the theatre of fire of "HoF" under the direction of smelter of shop №2 Evgenija Makeeva and his wife Anastasiya prepared a bright performance before House of public organizations. It was enchanting and beautiful!

The hymn of enterprise traditionally opened a concert. Anchorwomen a present person, felicitated on a holiday and declared beginning of solemn part of concert, during that the first leaders of "ZTMC" and honoured guests warm words said to the workers, whose labour a combine lives by - all those, who in spite of everything is able to surmount obstacles and arrive at the put aims, who works on a conscience and thinks of the future of the combine.

Together with the director of combine by Vladimir Sivak and chairman of trade-unioncommittee by Ludmila Logvinova workers were congratulated vice-chairman of district administration of the Zaporozhye town council on the Plant district Natalia Pechenkina, chairman of the Zaporozhye regional committee of the Trade-union committee Valery Sedov.

Also a concert was visited by servicemen of 9th regiment of the operative setting of the National guard of Ukraine. On behalf of this subdivision officer psychologist - a captain Vladimir Grinchenko thank all the labour collective of combine for a collaboration, high professionalism, invaluable support and handed a complimentary address to Vladimir Sivak.

Rewarding of the best workers of combine took place within the framework of celebration of 81-th anniversary of "ZTMC". So, the deeds of the Zaporozhye regional soviet got electric welder of shop №10 Natalja Kovalchuk and electrician of shop №11 Vladimir Kravchenko, recipient of an award the deeds of the Zaporozhye town award recipients of an award master of shop №7 Sergey Urchenko, laboratory assistant of shop №17 Yulia Pilipenko and inspector of department of technical control Natalia Ivanova. The deeds of district administration are handed to the crane-operator of shop №2 to Elena Кuzmenko, electricians of shops №7 and №9 to Ivan Nazarenko and Sergey Тestoedov.

Gratitudes of Zaporozhye regional state administration are declared to the locksmiths to the repairers of shops №2 and №7 to Dmitry Bondarenko and Vladimir Skorikov. In addition, 26 employees got the diplomas of combine, and on Board of honour the portraits of the twenty best workers are brought Did not remain without rewards and trade committee activists of "ZTMC". By the breastplate of the Central committee "For active work senior train nurse of sanatorium of preventive clinic Valentina Romanichenko the recipient of an award in the trade committee of metallurgists and miners of Ukraine", the deeds of the Central committee of trade Union got senior master of area of sewage treatment plants of shop №12 Gennady Коchev, laboratory engineer-assistant of shop №17 Svetlana Bugaj, chairman of sport club Sergey Storojenko and correspondent of release of newspaper and radiopaper Cyril Belij.

The deed of the Zaporozhye regional soviet of trade committee was handed to the subsidiary working by shops №7 Lubov Lisenko. Recipients of an award the diploma of Zaporozhye Trade committee of Metallurgists and Miners of Ukraine machinist of compressor options of shop №7 Sergey Меlnik, pour men of shop №16 Dmitry Potapov, electric and gas welder of shop №14 Ruslan Rajskix, master of shop №2 Artem Mishenev 47 persons got the deeds of trade committee of our combine.

The concert program prepared by the artists of vocal, dancing and instrumental genre began after congratulations and rewards. This was the real banger of stars. Participating became the sparkle of present concert in him possessor of Grand Prix of international festival "Work wonder together - 2012", silver prizewinner of "Ukrainian Magic Convention" - well-known magician Аrtema Sherbakova that showed a few focuses especially surprised public of levitation. In this number came forward an assistant legal adviser of legal department Anna Kracvchenko. Notably, that this girl marks a birthday too of Decembers, 23. In a concert took part and audience - among them was raffled. Each of four lucky persons taking the certain places in a hall got a small gift from anchorwomen in character Ded Moroz and snow Maiden.