After Introduction Of Ideas Of Specialists-Innovators Of ZTMC Is The Future Of Our Enterprise

On a combine summed up III of Tournament on subjects "System of Management of Quality and lean production", conducted from October, 27 for December, 21 the last year.

32 workers of ZTMC took part in an event. We will remind that on the first stage of this tournament of command chose a business process in the subdivision, his aims determined, analysed the exit of process from the point of view of problem and degree of achievement of having a special purpose preventive indexes of process, developed events on an improvement, correction and warning of the educed problems and disparities. And on the second stage of tournament it was needed during 60 days with moment of defence of project to realize the events contained in him, analyse results and give them for consideration to the organizational committee as presentation. We will mark that at planning participants had to take into account vital realities: into prize place those commands that realized and inculcated the pre-arranged events more than on 70% could apply only. What higher this index - the more chances to become the winner of tournament.

Every participant had to bring in the contribution to the decision the set problem, to manage deeply and faultlessly to present balances of the command work. They were necessary to describe the existent range of problems or moments, requiring improvements; aim of achievement, steps to her, their introduction; result of the worked out events of the chosen process; to analyse efficiency of the inculcated events.

After answers for the questions of organizational committee the representatives of commands showed the level of theoretical knowledge by system of management of quality and to the preventive production, orally answering ten questions.

In the total three of the best has such kind:

it is shop №9 is the third place. Participants chose the business process of production of titanic bars conforming to the requirements of chemical composition and put the aim to increase commodity length of titanic bar to 48 millimetres. Command composition: smelter Mikhail Bogdanov, chief power engineering specialist Dmitry Dolbunov, leading engineer-technologist Aleksej Safonov.

Shop №10 is the second place. An aim of project is providing of accordance of actual resource of making of glow stopped up by a producer lamps. Experiment of engineer-technologist Natalia Pfajfer and chief electrician Artem Goloborodko conducted by setting of dimmer on lamps in the lighting network of corps №2 repair-mechanical shops, that eliminated the overfalls of tension. Alexandr Pavlovskij the electronic engineer of shop №10 realized the idea of workers.

Shop №12 is the first place. Command in composition a deputy shop superintendent Alexandra Semenova, chief foreman Sergey Маshenko, masters Oleg Dedushev, Denis Semenov and engineer of organization norms of labour - economist on planning Elena Ivanichkina decided to perfect the process of production of liquid nitrogen- to promote the productivity of block of division of air in the period of high temperatures of environment. For this purpose a heat exchanger and measuring technique was set on his exit, an auxiliary personnel trains.

In addition, interesting projects and results of their introduction were given by other participants are workers of shops № 2, 7, 17, 37, 20, 33, 11. Did not take part in a tournament: shops № 14,16, departments of management of combine.

Winners and prizewinners of tournament were the recipients of an award deeds and money bonuses. Also for active preparation and participating in a tournament of an award chief master of shop №2 Vitaliy Jankovskij.

The innovative ideas of the gifted employees of combine are aimed at a positive effect and must not disappear for free. Therefore in accordance with the order of director of combine Vladimira Sivaka to the chiefs of all structural subdivisions it is necessary to provide realization of the given projects of improvements of business processes of the subdivisions, promote and create terms for the increase of level of competence of workers in the questions of the system of management of quality and lean production, to begin preparation of projects of improvements for their realization in a present year.

Monitoring of realization of projects the specialists of department of management of quality and standardization will conduct within the framework of internal audits with generalization of results the specialists of service of personnel. A search of losses and permanent improvements are a mortgage of effective development of combine, and it is important, that every worker of combine became introduce to this process.