Rewards in Honour a State Holiday – To The Workers Of Combine

For the ponderable personal contribution to development of combine, high professionalism, considerable successes with implementation of productive tasks, conscientious labour and in honour Day of Collegiality of Ukraine on a combine rewarded the workers marked the Zaporozhye regional, municipal public and administration of ZTMC.

In the number of recipient of an award is pot operator of shop №7 Andrey Кraev (on a photo). A diploma he got from the hands of the first deputy of head of regional soviet Yegora Semenkova on solemn collection of asset of area, that took place in the theatre of the name Маgara. Other rewards were handed in the labour collectives of shops.

Master of shop №2 the recipient of an award the diploma of Zaporozhye regional state administration Mikhail Оsminin. The deeds of district administration of the Zaporozhye town council on the Plant district got locksmith repairermen of shop №10 Vladimir Тоvstokorij and elctric and gas welder of shop №12 Peter Каpitan.

Recipients of an award the diploma of combine machinist of crane shop №7 Elena Коlokot, yardmaster of management of transport Vladimir Shindjapin, engineer of department of civil defence Alexandr Dolja, guard of security service Vitaly Lagno.

Administration of combine congratulates workers on Day of Collegiality, thanks employees for their strong performance, wishes to all the salubrity, successes with labour, prosperity and happiness.