Ecomanagement Is a Constituent Of Steady Development Of ZTMC

For many people ecology is this very virtual concept, that is unconnected with business, unconnected with a profit and, it is most important, many think, - OUR CENTURY ALL will LAST them. Is it so?

Many people examine System of ecological management rather as INEVITABLE EVIL, what some instrument for perfection. One of basic problems of such thinking and subzero personal interest in development of the use of standard is insufficient vision of his connection from the ECONOMIC constituent of business, his utility from the point of view of FINANCES.

Nevertheless, steady development of enterprise supposes the association of three directions of activity: social, economic and ecological. It means that an enterprise will have the economy growing at the rational use of natural resources and maintenance of favorable environment for future generations.

What will give introduction us on the enterprise of ISO 14001? One of such benefits it is been:

  • strengthening of favourable image of enterprise is in the eyes of consumers, based on responsibility and ecological solvency;
  • increase of competitiveness of enterprise;
  • economy of energy and resources;
  • bringing in of attention of investors;
  • additional grounds for the receipt of advantages and privileges at investments (simplification of procedures of insurance and crediting);
  • improvement of the system of administrative management by an enterprise;
  • increase of efficiency of marketing and advertisement.

To that end in 2016 made decision guidance of ZTMC about preparation to the certification on the requirements of international standard of ISO 14001.

In November, 2016 together with the specialists of department of management of quality and standardization by the employees of department of guard of environment works are begun in this direction. The row of documents is already worked out: "Ecological politics", "Ecological aims", and also row of standards of enterprise on an ecological management.

Guidance of enterprise plans that ZTMC will get the certificate of accordance to the requirements of international standard of ISO 14001 in 2017.