Aircraft Designers Became Acquainted With The Museum Of ZTMC

At the end of the last year with the purpose of exchange by experience on museum business of historical and productive museum of "ZTMC" Ltd. was seen a by the group of specialists from composition of advice of museum of history of PE "Ivchenko-Progress". This enterprise is in the process of creation of the museum and appealed to our combine after invaluable experience of maintenance of history of combine and his workers.

Specialist of human department of resources and training of personnels Elena Shostak conducted to the guests an excursion from a moment creation of the Dnepr magnesium combine to modern history of combine. In the process of excursion guests actively took part in examination of exhibits and set questions about museum case.

After an excursion a quiz was conducted for the most attentive listeners and winners the recipients of an award. Also our guests were waited by a pleasant surprise from service of organization of feed of combine as hot tea and baking. Guests thank for a warm reception and invited to visit with a return visit, after her creation, display in the museum of history of PE "Ivchenko-Progress".