Advice Of Young People Invites Amateur Film Makers

For personality development of employees of our сcombine and variety of leisure on the base of educational course combine of ZTMC on initiative of youth leaders film society "ZTMC cinema" was opened. Organizers offer to the employees to viewing, with a subsequent discussion, the best and useful films in a friendly comfortable situation.

The new project of Advice of young people began in December from an interesting picture. On opening of film society an audience looked over the keen film of stage-director Martin Campbell the "Vertical limit" about the rescue operation of alpinists in snow-bound mountains is a height there were standing on that calamity, allowed to survive the only counted clock them. Bright characters of leaders that risking the own life are distinctly visible in this film, and at times - and it is rescued from her price, it would seem, to inevitable death of the comrades getting into trouble. Viewing ended the discussion of theme, what volitional qualities the real leader must possess for making decision in the conditions of extreme situation.

Olga Shirina came forward the moderator of cinemaevening is a co-ordinator in a civilized manner social project of Zaporozhye film society "Atmosphere". "At once agreed to take part in this project of Advice of young people ZYMC. Your guys made breakthrough in this direction, as did not hear of similar projects on the industrial enterprise of our region. It was very pleasant to associate with the young people of combine, especially as the subjects of film are chosen very actual now. I wish to this project only development in the future".

The next meeting of amateur film makers is pre-arranged on March. Come!