The connoisseurs of history of combine the recipients of an award

To the day of birth of ZTMC service of personnel summed up quiz of connoisseurs of history of our combine.

For a year in a newspaper "Vesnik of combine" questions were published on knowledge of key events, passing during 80-years-old history of ZTMC and his predecessor - Dnepr magnesium plant, and also prominent personalias of combine.

In a present year a 21 worker took part in a competition. After the count of points for right answers by winners and prizewinners the accountant of main book-keeping Olga Danilejchenko, economist of Center of the information-calculating and programmatic providing Yulia Zerina, laboratory assistant of shop №20 Svetlana Steshenko, engineer- economist on planning of shop №12 Elena Ivanichkina, chief of bureau of raising of tasks of CICandPP of Julia Коmarovskix. They were the recipients of an award money bonuses and diplomas of combine. Also deeds for participation got chief of area of shop №14 Vladislav Denshuk, electrician of shop №2 Anton Doroshenko, helper of director Evgeniy Semechaevskij, chief of tender department Tatjana Оbidenova, engineer of estimate department Anna Fedorova, geodesist of department of capital building Dmitry Кrasov.

Service of personnel congratulates winners and thanks you for participating in the competition of other employees. We invite to all to study history of native combine and take part in competitions.