Merry Starts Are a Family Holiday

The employees of ZTMC took part in a sport holiday "Dad, mother, I am sport family".

On our combine already became kind tradition to conduct this event. And, on the eve of wonderful family holiday - New Year, employees gathered again, to get the charge of cheerfulness and support the united families participating in competitions. These were domestic competitions the bravest and decisive, most resourceful and merry.

Conducted the program chief power engineering specialist of department of main power engineering specialist Nadejda Fedorova, and she was helped her by Ded Moroz and snow Maiden. Husband of economist of Center of the information-calculating and programmatic providing Yulii Zerinoj Alexander carried out the role of Ded Moroz, and played his grandchild perfectly guard of security service Inna Glova. Workers well know her yet as a talented vocalist. Here and this time she made happy public by a new-year song performance.

Under the sounds of march - hymn of ZTMC eight commands went out on the start of merry relay races, each of that an audience met applauses. To families the chairman of judge - director of combine Vladimir Sivak appealed with a welcoming word. He wished to all good mood, enthralling competitions, honest, just fight and victory the strongest.

As a sport holiday was devoted domestically, first of all, to the children, then exactly they became the captains of commands. Certainly, without the prompts of adults during competitions did not treat, but also guys too able showed independence. For example, with the first honoured task of pronouncing of motto of boy and girl managed on everything one hundred!

After the performance of the invited guests - gymnasts and limbering-up that needs to every sportsman before competitions, families began duels for championship. Participants were waited by eight merry competitions, during that children and their parents showed the level of the endurance, adroitness, quickness, co-ordination and good organization.

On completion of the first four relay races and during working out the totals of family able a bit to rest, and some audience meantime took part in competitions on prizes from Ded Moroz. Separately played for five dads, mothers and children. Men unassisted hands inflated air marbles, while those will not burst, women guessed riddles, and boys and girls participated in "Merry dances" - they needed to music to hurry clockwise round chairs, standing backs to each other. When music ceased, a child had to have time to occupy a free seat. Whoever had time - left from a game and on one chair became less than. So proceeded to that moment, while there is not one only participant - winner.

To the word, all competitions were without the risk of loss: every spectator - a participant got a small souvenir in memory of a sport holiday.

And, counting up points, a competent judge summed up. Vladimir Sivak, deputy of director (on a management by a personnel and to social development) Ludmila Vasilega, chairman of trade committee of combine Ludmila Logvinova, chairman of sport club Sergey Storojenko, named winners and prizewinners of domestic sport competitions present year.

The third place was conquered by family of Novoselovih in composition the smelter of shop №2 Andrey Novoselov, his wife Oksana and command captain - their son Vladimir. The second line of rating was occupied by family of Golovinih. Silver rewards conquered leader of projects of department of organization of labour and salary Roman Golovin with a wife Yana and command captain - daughter Eva. And the first place appeared in the hands of family to Sandu. Laurels of absolute championship extracted locksmith of shop №12 Vitaly Sandu, his wife Svetlana and command captain, is a son Andrey. The diplomas of combine and valuable gifts are handed them, in the number of that are certificates on purchases in the shop of domestic technique.

Did not remain without pleasant surprises and other participants of competitions. Deeds and memorable souvenirs got families of sorter of shop №7 Alexandra Chugueva, Olga Bondar and their daughter Oksana; cleaners of shop №10 Neli Коlesnik, her husband Vladimir and son Yaroslav; woker of furnace shop №2 Sergey Bugaj, laboratory engineer-assistant of shop №17 Svetlana Bugaj and their daughter Marina; panman of shop №20 Vitaliy Karaka, his wife Inna Pavluchenko and their daughter Margaret. Also the command of leading engineer of human department of resources and training of personnels of Aleksej Pirojenko, timekeeper of department of technical control Catherine Тaranenko and her daughter of Lily took bun.

A judge thanks all for participating in a competition: families for positive emotions, venturesome and spectacle rivalry, volunteers of Advice of young people and commentators - for a help in realization of competitions. After a holiday for all children a sweet table was organized.

Let such events in future help young families nearer to know each other, unite, do another step to meet the mutual understanding and domestic harmony!