A Command Is Certain The Best Dartsmen Of Combine

In the test of XVI of Sports and athletics meeting of combine competitions passed on darts. Nine commands of shops and subdivisions of our combine took part in these games.

A target was set on the standards of playing classic дартс - sportsmen were dissociated from a target by a 2,37 meter, she was hung up on height of a 1,73 meter. And it seems though, that to hit the mark easily enough, not each, especially to the novices, it was been in strength to manage with the set problem. In fact it is needed to count not only on the measurement with naked eye and be well-aimed but also to accomplish a throw with certain effort, that a dart remained in a target - in another case glasses were not set off. The amount of attempts was too limited: a right to do only three approaches for three throws got each of five persons entering in the complement of command.

Competitions of dartsmen combine were a spectacle and venturesome. All and singular aimed to extract a maximum from the nine throws. However, prize places only three and they were distributed so: the third place was extracted by the command of shop №12, in composition that came forward master Yegor Burja, locksmith-repairer Alexandr Каtaev, economist Andrey Lubin; on the second line rating is a command of shop №10: master Vladislaw Мishenko, chief master Igor Sapenko, mechanic Yuriy Dmitrenko, locksmith Sergey Мartinjak, engineer-technologist Oleg Кuzmin; and absolute championship the combined team of shops №17, 19, 23, economy ware-house, department of technical control and sport club. Here the names of absolute winners : depchief Department of Technical Control Sergey Jarovikov, workers of shop №17: laboratory assistant Vladislaw Аvksentjev, chief of laboratory Irene Ivashina, laboratory engineer-assistant Svetlana Bugaj, cleaner of territories of shop №19 Ruslan Мusaev. It is needed to mark that on the rules of game only three the best personal results from five went to the command test.

The best personal results showed:

  • depchief of Department of Technical Control Sergey Jarovikov is 185 points;
  • a timekeeper - inspector on the shots of shop №16 Valentina Julinskaja is 183 points;
  • master of shop №10 Vladislaw Mishenko is 179 points.

Sport club, administration and trade committee of combine congratulate winners, prizewinners and thank other commands for participating in competitions.