Realization In "ZTMC" Ltd. Project "The Modernized Salt Chlorator Of SC-1"

Within the framework of implementation of the Strategic program of development and technical modernisation of production of Limit liability company the "Zaporozhye titanium and magnesium combine" an enterprise will be realize the project of modernisation of the salt chlorinating setting of SC- 1 with the increase of her productivity to 170 tons in twenty-four hours. This setting is one of key types of equipment in the technological process of combine, and that is why enhanceable attention is spared her.

It is necessary to mark that the project of modernisation of hypochlorinator was executed by the project designer department of "ZTMC"Ltd. Decision about planning of SC-1 by own forces it was dictated by next advantages: by the presence of the state of competent employees of project designer department, presence of experience in planning of productive equipment of similar complication, presence of archive of designer documentation, closeness productive ground, and most important - by possibility of considerable investment cost distinguished on planning of this object with bringing in of strange organization effectiveness. Important, that in the volume of implementation of project works on building of the modernized chlorator designers and technologists of combine are prepare not only the project of equipment but also carrying out designer documentation. It characterizes the degree of implementation of project that is named "turn-key".

Because of complication and necessity of application of the specialized machine-tool park, by strange organizations were made and put in "ZTMC" Ltd. casing of chlorator, dustborne chambers, traps, sprinklers, condensers, technological gas flue, and also pumping equipment. On a combine were bought in chemically proof materials for implementation of lining-up of SC-1. Rolled metal products was supplied on the object of building as necessary editing of metal structures.

By the manufacturing staff of shop this setting functions in that, and own assembling services of enterprise the ground of future building was prepared. Dismantling of not in use communications and metal structures is carried out.

Implementation of foundations, assembling of metal sructures and all parts of equipment of setting, came true by own forces of builders and mechanics of combine. Editing and lining-up of casing of chlorator and dust borne chambers, and other capacity equipment is produced. The down-pumps put on a combine for pumping over of tetrachloride of titan are set in a forecastleman apparatus. The builders of enterprise in a timely manner produced the inundation of foundations and editing of catch pit for weathering of exhaust salt fusion of chlorator.

Editing and protection of metal structures of attendant working grounds and equipment is executed with causing on them the special underseals, connection to the object of electric power and organization of lighting equipment of setting.

Presence in "ZTMC" Ltd. high quality specialists of electricians, builders and mechanics, having rich experience on editing of objects of similar complication, allowed to the combine to execute works on building of SC-1 without bringing in of contractors from strange organizations. It, in turn, allowed economizing the considerable volume of investment facilities, pre-arranged on implementation of building and installation works.

It is planned to conduct major repairs of building a chlorinating retrofit is situated in that. The project of major repairs of this corps that will be realized within the framework of implementation of the Strategic program of development and technical modernization of production of "ZTMC" Ltd. is worked out for this purpose.

For the increase of efficiency and divisibility of technological process of chlorinating titan of containing raw material the Strategic program of development and technical modernization of production of "ZTMC" Ltd. is envisage development and introduction in this process of CAS of management.

With the purpose of implementation of projects of the Strategic program the specialists of combine are work out a requirement specification for development of project АСS ТP productions of chlorinating titan of containing raw material. Presently an enterprise is work over the potential performers of project and suppliers of equipment to АСS ТP, and documents prepare for realization of tender procedures in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

At the same time planning of controller's point АСS ТP productions of tetrachloride of titan, from where a management will come true by all modes and parameters of this technological process, it is planned to execute own forces of designers and designers of "ZTMC" Ltd. Building of controller's point will be laid on corresponding services of combine.

Investment cost effectiveness after completion of realization of project will make 8,58 million dol. of the USA, or on an operating course 233,36 million hrn. Because works come true by a personnel for development of own combine, quality of the executed works is at very tall level, which guarantees trouble-free work of setting in the flow of all term of exploitation.