Rewarded The Best Workers Of Furnace

On our combine summed up competition "The Best workers of furnace on renewal and distillation of titan and rare metals".

For this honoured rank during two months fought 25 workers of furnace the stove area №1 shop №7. We will remind that during a competition his participants answered test questions and executed task on the stoves of renewal of titan spongy and stoves of separation. Workers of furnace assembled an equipment for unloading of chloride magnesium from a vehicle, poured out chloride magnesium of process of renewal of titanium sponge and conducted replacement of a vacuum oil of pumps.

And, a competitive commission summed up. Participants collecting most of points in a sum for the executed tasks of theoretical and practical part became winners and prizewinners for every group.

So, in a group on experience of work to seven years the third line of rating - for Valentin Burmistrova, Eduard Shelokov became the second, and laurels of absolute championship were extracted by Roman Коnev. In addition, among more experience workers of furnace, experience of work of that makes over seven years, the best results showed: Eduard Lushikov is the third place; Vladimir Bondarev - second and Nikolay Каrapeev is the first place.

We will mark that Roman Коnev and Nikolay Каrapeev already not in the first time become the best: in 2015 they both took the third place.

All winners, prizewinners and many other participants, collected the maximal amount of points in practical part of competition, and the competition of workers of furnace in knowledge of theory made just two are four points on near to each other positions. The possessors of prize places got diplomas and money bonuses.

- I Want thanks every participant of competition regardless of busy place. All prepared, experienced for a result. Moreover, a competition showed that was certain shortages in knowledge and in practice.

Administration of shop №7 and service of personnel congratulate the best workers of furnace and thank all participants of competition.

On results the conducted event, with the purpose of increase of level of theoretical knowledge on the profession of "Worker of furnace on renewal and distillation of titan and rare metals", human department of resources and training of personnel’s together with a shop №7 organized the corresponding educating for the participants of competition on the educed blanks.