Young Leaders Confirmed The Knowledge And Abilities Not Only In An Audience But Also On The Workplaces

For systematization of work on the exposure of perspective young leaders, enabling to the young specialists self-realization and increase of level of competence, personality and administrative development, and also within the framework of construction of the system of skilled reserve on a combine the second competition "The Best young leader" was conducted.

In a competition could take part every young leader under age 37 with experience of work in a category "leader" no less one year and not having operating disciplinary penalties in the moment of participating in a competition.

The common amount of participants made 28 workers of shops № 2, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 20, Department of planning and budgeting, accounting department and Management of sale.

A competition consisted of three successive stages:

The first stage is an internal selection in structural subdivisions. The criteria of estimation of leaders it was been: level of implementation of professional duties and productive indexes; state of labour, productive and organizationally-administrative discipline; knowledge and observance of norms and rules of labour and fire safety protection; improvement of workplace, technology of process; participating is in public life of combine.

The second stage is an exposure of level of general knowledge for leaders in part of technology, production, history of "ZTMC" Ltd., economy, bases of legislation, managements by a personnel, labour and QMS protections;

The third stage is determination of potential (level of display of professionally-business qualities) of leaders. It was conducted in form visit by the workers of service of personnel of removable-meeting collections in subdivisions of participants of competition with the subsequent estimation of quality of their realization; writing by the leader of essay on one of corporate books and decision of (business games) a group method for determination of level of display of administrative, functional and personality competenses.

And summed up competition. We will mark that from all his participants prize places were got by production workers. Therefore, third place - for master of shop №12 Yegor Burja, second - for the chief of area of shop №14 Vladislaw Denshuk and master of shop №7 Denis Zdanovskij, and master of shop №2 Vadim Bogush became the possessor of the first place. By the way, Vadim is an example of not only literate leader but also knowing production worker, active public man. We will remind that he last year got absolute championship in the section of guard of environment and to radiation safety of XLIII of the International scientific and technical conference of the young people conducted on a combine "Zaporozstal", in former years was the chairman of trade-union of basic shop and for present time prompts to the colleagues in trade-union work.

Deputy of director (on a management by a personnel and to social development) Ludmila Vasilega in a solemn situation handed diplomas to the winners and prizewinners. There are not rewarding participants and without a money bonus.

On results a competition analytical work was conducted, the "narrow locations" are determined both in knowledge and in practical skills of participants of competition.

A competition showed a great deal. I am to what to study, in what to develop - both in the aspects of productive activity and in skills of management. All participants of competition agreed with it - master of shop №7 Denis Zdanovskij shares the impressions.

The way passed by young leaders from the first to the third stage opened before them those possibilities that must be used for further development. In addition, the winners of competition have a right to be recommended in the complement of official delegations from a combine with the purpose of exchange by experience and information for participating in external youth forums, conferences, and another profile event. Service of personnel plans and farther to continue work in the field of increase of level of administrative skills of leaders of combine. To take part in such competitions and every leader must check itself in principle. Support of young leaders is also important on places, that the chiefs of subdivisions paid attention were tutors and helped young leaders to become technicians in truth.