Better Than Mountains There Can Be Only Mountains

The active participants of sport competitions and youth events conducted the vacation in snow-bound Carpathians - in a settlement Jasina of the Transcarpathian area.

Into place, the people of profit are tired after a long way, but filled with glad expectations. They were met by the before booked fulldrive cars for transportation on a tourist base. These machines became an only motor of our skiers vehicle on the neSoon getting up took place on Dragobrat. A group was divided here. Instructors in the first day began training novices, acquainting them with lifts and technique of rolling. And worldly-wise skiers hurried on a lift, in order to check and fasten the sport skills. Rest seven days.

Carpathians opened all new and new wonders. Exotic mountains Stog and Gendarmes, steep slopes, snow routes took breath away employees. Nobody sat in place: for a week two transitions were organized on a circular route that in the environment of tourists is named "round-the-world".

A weather made happy all days, was mainly sunny, frosty windless. Guys visited the geographical center of Europe in a small town Rahov to the Transcarpathian area. During an excursion they visited the museum of ecology of mountains, missed on a city, provided oneself souvenirs and gifts, saw own eyes, as conduct the trout of Carpathians on a trout farm and, certainly, deport in a koliba-museum, filled with the articles of way of life of the last century. For those, whoever knows, is this seasonal accommodation of shepherds and lumberjacks, widespread in the mountain districts of Carpathians.

Guys have only the pleasant impressions from a residence on a tourist base, walks and excursions. A feed too was excellent, on huzul generous. Menus, mainly, made dishes and drinks of local kitchen. Nearer by the end of arrival of employees solemnly devoted in skiers.

The participants of journey thank administration and trade-union ­committee of combine, and personally chairman of sport club Sergey Storojenko for the week of active rest. In mountains, our activists made friends, learned to help each other believe that will return here.