A Basic Task Is Warning Of Problem Moments

The director of combine Vladimir Sivak conducted a current conference on a labour protection for 2016. In his motion the questions of the state of labour protection rose in subdivisions of combine, of making healthy of worker, and also analysis of fire safety and technogenic safety of ZTMC. The representatives of management of combine, chairman of trade-union commiitte Ludmila Logvinova, chiefs of shops and departments, their deputies, engineers on a labour protection and chairmen of trade-union commiitte of shops, took part in this event.

Acting as chief of department of labour protection Ivan Кравцов specified that by structural subdivisions of our enterprise in an annual order on a labour protection and collective agreement on 2016 from the 19 th brought in events, sent to the achievement of the set norms of safety, warning of productive traumatism and improvement of terms of labour on workplaces, 17 is executed, and terms of implementation of one event of collective agreement and another - on an annual order, carried on 2017. Both from them touch repair of building of shop №16.

In 2016 115 instructions are revised on a labour protection, the 18 new are including worked out. Additions are brought in instruction on a labour protection in connection with application of alcohol technical (methylated spirit). Changes are brought in position 40-01 in connection with introduction of international signs of safety on results an audit by a company Evonik, provided for by the plan not instructing is conducted to all workers.

The next certifying of leaders and specialists is conducted for the questions of labour protection. At primary verification of knowledge 25 workers from the first time attestation was not passed, and separate workers of service of building, technical supervision and repairs, shops №12, №2, №16 passed an exams only from the third time. It talks that in shops it is necessary to promote the level of preparation of reserve of shots.

For 2016 on a combine three industrial accidents are registered. One happened in a shop №14, two - in a shop №7, one of that - mortal. Reasons of accidents are organizational, in particular is non-fulfillment of position requirements leaders. A mortal case happened from violation of technological process.

To date on a combine there is one worker on an account with a professional disease. In a period covered of diseases it is not registered in the special terms.

By the workers of service of labor protection 65 binding overs were for period covered written for a failure to observe of rules during organization and implementation of works of enhanceable danger, unsatisfactory state of territory, building and building, equipment, off-grade conduct of documentation on a labor protection.

In 2016 warning coupons were withdrawn for violations of requirements of norms of safety, non-use of facilities of individual defense, requirements of fire safety and other violations. The chambers of video supervision are fix 25 violations of requirements of labor protection. Among violators also there were workers of by contract organizations. Principal reason is the non-use of facilities of individual defense.

All workers of combine are provided by overalls, special shoe and other facilities of individual defense in obedience to branch norms and agreements. Shops in monthly reports periodically specified on absence of necessary sizes of overalls on storage, information from the department of labour protection was passed in the management of supply. All these problems decided, but on occasion for this purpose it was needed whole two months.

Chief оf State fire and salvage unit 28 Sergey Коrobov reported, that due to joint work of administration of combine, leaders of subdivisions and specialists of separation of civil defense of State fire and salvage unit - 28, on ZTMC in the last year fire situation did not happen.

In accordance with the chart, worked out by the productively-technological department of ZTMC, training lessons are conducted, educational alarms on working off the plan of localization and liquidation of emergency situations of level of "В" in structural subdivisions. The shortages educed in their motion are taken into account by leaders. The duty controller of combine, gas rescue service, physicians, guard, firemen of State fire and salvage unit 28 and other operative services, worked actions in case of occurring of any nonpermanent situation. All tasks of maneuvers are successfully executed.

For providing of fire safety on an enterprise worked out and put in an operation general instruction on fire and technogenic safety, position about the order of organization and realization of fire works in operating shops and on territory of ZTMC, position about the order of determination of necessity of structural subdivisions in primary facilities of fire of extinguishing and organization of their exploitation.

According to requirements last, in every structural subdivision the lists of places of placing of fire-extinguishers are developed for operative control after a presence and providing of building, apartments, technological equipment of combine facilities of fire of extinguishing.

With the purpose of providing of fire and technogenic safety there are 97 fire-cocks and 2 fire reservoirs on territory of combine. Defective fire-cocks are absent for period covered.

Washing of technological equipment and building constructions of building of shop №7 was during a year conducted in obedience to safety rules at the production of spongy titan and titanic powders for warning of origin of possible ignitions of titanic dust. Fireproof treatment of timber-works of garret apartments is executed on six objects of enterprise. The complex test of ten vehicles and maintenance of 50th masks the representative of enterprise are the last year conducted in November, having a right for service and repair

For the improvement of the fire-prevention state Sergey Korobov suggested to provide maintenance of facilities of fire-prevention defence on-condition and provide their technical service; to inspect the technical state of protective and antiradiation building; to continue substituting of the systems of the fire warning by certificated in Ukraine; to execute fireproof treatment of timber-works of garret apartments of clock-house and conduct the row of other events.

Ludmila Logvinova reported about the results of implementation of events on the acts of periodic physical examination of workers 2015 and 2016 year, and also gave data about work of preventive sanatorium-clinic last year. In all 622 men were revitalized in him, including 25 children. On the last act of medical examination, 116 persons must be revitalized in a present year.

According to medical statistics, to date diseases of locomotorium are on the first place in the structure of illnesses. On the second place - illness of the cardiovascular system, the third place is occupied by illnesses of breathing organs, and fourth place - at illnesses of gastrointestinal tract.

Ludmila Logvinova reminded that in connection with the unstable financially economic state of combine, on a present year eight driving is pre-arranged only to the preventive clinic: the first will begin on May, 10, last - on October, 12. Veteran arrival is anniented, the cost of favourable tour for a worker will make 785 hryvnias.

Attention of present person on that among the metallurgical enterprises of the Zaporozhhye region of health-resort remained only at a combine "Zaporozstal" was also accented, plant of "Dneprospesstal" and our enterprise. Workers has the real possibility to remedy the health without tearing away from a production on a favourable cost.

Working out the totals of conference, Vladimir Sivak marked that in subdivisions there must be an adequate estimation of risks and high responsibility for the colleagues. The leader of combine considers warning of problem moments a basic task. Not in use apartments, building must be closed and barriered. About problem places it is needed necessarily to inform guidance and go it strong. Not the insignificant is remained by the question of prophylactic work. In order that she was effective, it is necessary to use modern technical equipments in-process. Animation, sliding seats and other will help workers in mastering of requirements of normative documentation on a labour protection.