Advice Of Young People Of Combine Summed Up Year

The youth leaders of ZTMC summed up work of the youth collectives for 2016.

Current collection of Advice of young people of combine on that every responsible on work with young people gave the estimation of the work on involving of young workers and activity of Advice of young people on the whole took place, analysed participating of workers of structural subdivision in the youth events of combine, pronounced basic problems, complications on organization of work with young people and suggestion on the improvement of work of Advice of young people.

Youth activists of combine : polisher of shop №10 Elena Rocheva, economist 2 categories of department of planning and budgeting Victoria Burja, power engineering engineer-specialist of shop №11 Catherine Bortnik, electricial fitter of shop №11 Alexander Коshelenko, master of shop №12 Yegor Burja and inspector of Department of Technical Control Catherina Таranenko were marked deeds and money bonuses. As a result, on results activity of youth collectives of structural subdivisions the third place in a competition The "best youth collective - 2016" occupied the young people of shops №10 and №11, second place - for the young specialists of management of combine, and laurels of absolute championship first appeared in the hands of youth asset of shop №12. A collective got a cup for the first place and challenge cup of winner. Also, according to Statute about a competition, winners and prizewinners can take advantage of non-material reward with the purpose of the further rallying of the collectives.

On the whole work of Advice of young people after 2016 it is estimated a year satisfactorily. There were the pluses and minuses, flights and falling. In 2016 our workshop gained the lead in a competition "The Best youth collective". And, certainly, a secret of our success is the balanced command and faith in itself. Separate gratitude I want to say to guidance of shop that supported us in everything. We understand that in 2017 it will be needed yet to double our efforts, because to retain the first place much more difficult, than to arrive at him - the youth activist of shop №12 Yegor Burja is divided by their emotions.

As practice shows, in subdivision, where a single command is in composition a leader and youth leader, there is support of all undertaking - there work is executed collective active. Shop №12 became to that confirmation.

From January a start is given already to the new competition "The Best youth collective - 2017". Any structural subdivision of ZTMC can become a winner. Mainly is a desire! Service of personnel thanks active young people for vital position, desire to develop. So to hold!