Workers Of Combine - For An Economy And Effective Production

Now on our enterprise two competitions are conducted on the best technical suggestion. The subjects of first from them are sanctified to the improvement of process of loading of titanium sponge from a conveyer №20 in a crash drum corps №4 areas of treatment of titanium sponge of shop №7. The second competition is sent to the improvement of process of producing of products of melting of ore-thermal furnace stove with dividing of streams of titanium slag and passing metal into the area of melting of raw material and charge of shop №2.

Both events will pass in two stages. For the first a commission will select perspective for introduction technical suggestions of participants, and on the second stage these projects will be protected by their authors.

Before participating in a competition the workers of combine had to visit one of two preliminary consultations, as information was there provided them about an existent problem, technical information and the basic requirements to technical suggestions. That directly in place to understand essence of question, by a technical management acquainting excursions were organized in corps №4 areas of treatment of titanium sponge shop №7 on a conveyer №21 and on the ore-thermal furnace of area of melting of raw material and charge of shop №2.

Technical suggestions of participants of the first stage had to correspond to the subjects of competition and have evident registration in an electronic kind for presentation. Realization of this stage did not require direct participation of authors of technical suggestions.

Participant suggestions of that will collect no less than 11-ти points totally will pass to the second stage. They will protect own suggestions before a competitive commission, will give to her the explanations on projects and will answer questions.

The winners of competition participants technical suggestions of that will collect the maximal amount of points in the second stage of competitions will become. A competent judge, the representatives of technical management of combine, productively technological, will estimate the projects of participant designer departments, technical management and management of quality, will enter in the complement of that, leaders of shops №2 and №7. Winners will get bonuses.

After completion of competitions, participating of winners in embodiment of their projects in life will not make off. They together with a technical management will participate in development of requirement specifications, and execute an architectural supervision after planning and introduction of technical suggestion to the moment of completion of pre-commissioning activities on the perfected objects and input of them in exploitation.