We will cooperate effectively

On a combine, the next educating of youth asset passed within the framework of the program "School of leadership". We will remind that collections of her participants pass monthly.

This time youth the volunteers of Society of Red Cross visited leaders. During one and a half hours they taught young employees to negotiate in the conditions of collaboration. This theme is actual for bringing in of new workers to public life of our enterprise.

A large plus is that the most of the time is made by the applied employments.

- During business games youth leaders developed in itself skills of persuasion and motivation of colleagues for the achievement of the put aims, - tells electro- locksmith of shop №11 Alexander Коshelenko - We learned to decide intricate problems by negotiations and achievement of compromise, found balance between opinion of certain personality and point of view of collective. Herein us the knowledge got during the past training on the active listening were useful for.

A not insignificant role was played by age of teachers. They also were from a number young people, and the persons of the same age are easy to find a contact with each other and communicate without monotonous lectures. At the same time, so new facts are mastered better. Guys - trainers gave information accessible, clear each and able to interest an audience. The active co-operating with listeners during employments helped to develop and support positive infusion during all time of realization of employments.

Work of "School of leadership" proceeds.