We prepare shots together

With the purpose of increase of level of preparation of graduating student of vocational educational establishment and within the framework of realization of the program of the dual system of trade education joint control of visit of practice of III course of students was conducted Zaporozhye higher professional school, the Zaporozhye center professionally technical education on a profession "electric and gas welder”. Electric welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines". In the complement of commission the representatives of this educational establishment entered: senior master Natalia Yuhimenko, masters Sergey Petrovskij and Elena Netreba. In-process commission also took part engineer of human department of resources and training of personals of ZTMC of Alena Kovliga.

A commission marked the sufficient level of passing of practice. In the moment of verification students independently executed work under the supervision of instructors of the productive educating. Public accountants spared the special attention to the observance of norms of labor and labor discipline protection, to the presence of overalls and employment students directly on workplaces in obedience to the program of educating. The leaders of practice specified from a combine that practice executed productive tasks clearly, in full aspire to the professional height.