Film society of combine united like-minded persons

The next meeting of film society of combine of "ZTMC cinema" took place in March. This time a cinema evening was sanctified to the subjects of formation of commands, determination of command difference from the group of people, without what exactly a command will not be able to exist. Under this subject, the film of Roba Коina was chosen "daylight". This picture evidently showed the process of transformation of group of people in an effective command with a single mission.

Came in film society did not feel sorry! Really friendly atmosphere, new acquaintances and excellent film! After viewing stormily discussed the events of film and as send one to single opinion. you want a result - a command is needed! I as a representative of Advice of young people, foremost I understand it. We combine effort only, then the set problem is executed quicker, and main more effective. In film society was simply spent time with a benefit - marked youth leader of shop №10 Elena Rocheva.

The next meeting of amateur film makers is pre-arranged on June. Come, accept active voice, develop!